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  1. You can by believing that people dont think worse of you because of your skin. I know my friends dont treat me any differently because of my skin.
  2. yeah ive been on the regimin for like ages, and it gradually worked for a while and then stopped, so as well as not working i'm just fed up with having to apply bp and wait and everything, and it never worked completly even when it did. I mean at the moment by acnes pretty bad but its normally somewhere from mild to moderate
  3. So i went to the docter today for the first time about my acne. Felt quite good actually thought it would be embarresing but turned out alright, almost confessional like admitting you have a problem. So anyway i eventually want to get onto roaccutane because from the sounds of it thats the only thing that really works. But because ive never been on anything before he put me on minocin, which from the sounds of it is pretty good in the short term but pointless long term. so anyway im this for two
  4. hi, this is really usefull as im thinking of going on the tane myself. Keep on Posting.
  5. parrot

    james album

    just an album
  6. I think thats one of the saddest stories ive read. But if you r gonna take any advice just go for it.
  7. I doubt theyre going to be running a secret narcotics check on your blood when testing for wether your suitable for accutane. I think you have to be testing for drugs for them to show up
  8. I'll go out with you... Although on second thoughts i'm a straight boy from the UK, so probably wouldnt work. Oh well
  9. I get the same problems as you mate, i just dont shave very often and am really careful when i do. It still fucks my face up though
  10. I tried doing that for a while but it just got worse. But i suppose whatever works for you
  11. I'd go on accutane if i were you depending on how scared you are. Thats what im going to do as soon as i get a derm appointment. Im having no one fob me off with some useless antibiotic, besides im not paying for something if it doesnt work
  12. I think everyone can kind of understand what you feel, i almost dropped out of uni in my first year cos i couldnt so to classes but i just managed to scrape through. But i mean theres a lot of good people out there who wont judge you by your appearence. Not everyone cares about it. However hard it may be try and at in an objective frmae of mind. Do you care what any of your friends look like? I mean when socialising it isnt really that important. I dont know about the girls thing, thats di