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  1. im not sure but if your using AHA, id stick to 1 aha...everyday, not 2 not 3...just 1 ive used different ones and it always makes me break out somethin horrible but if i stick to jus cleansing BP AHA and or moisterizer of the same brands, my face is happi
  2. i wonder if placing aspirin directly on the lump would help? I am going to do that tonite on mine because i have a few.
  3. well so much for that, i just picked a whole lot..i didnt want to but i dont kno wat came over me lol...atleast its not a daily thing ..i am just going to keep trying to stop picking and just keep on my regimen..another question tho... when i was picking i squeezed my nose and a lot of like pores had stuff in them, w/e acne is..and it seemed like a whole lot and my chin as well.....can a product do this? like mositerizers? or putting on a lot of aha/mositurizer/BP?
  4. So I broke out last night. I am not sure from what, probably because I drank no water and laid in bed the last 2 days. (that's another story) But, what if I do not squeeze or pop? What If i just ignore it and the pressure of the pimple(s) and just keep medicating with BP and doing the regimen? Will the acne subside and go away? Does the infection (pus or w/e) need to come out? Does it have to be popped before it will start to heal? Will it just dry up and fall off over time? I feel like
  5. Your amazing, I actually think you always give the best answers. How many times will I use AHA a week then?
  6. Ok so I been on the Regimen for about a 2 and a half weeks solid. Applying a bunch of Dan's BP once or twice a day but I am going to cut back to half the amount I use and once a day because I feel like it's having the same effect as using less. I also been using AHA, and my face has been burning with every application. I been using it once or twice a day but I am going to cut back to 3 times a week. I think I will just use a moderate amount of BP and moisturize afterwards. What will it tak
  7. I was doing so well!, this morning I picked again! O well...wasnt that bad, I applied neosporin. I was looking at my face and it seems like something i am using is clogging my pores, but i am only using DANS BP and ALPHA HYDROX products (face wash, moisturizer, lotion w/ AHA, and AHA cream.) Queen helens mint julip seems to unplog me pretty well and baking soda makes my face feel baby smooth.. I have noticed the AHA is making my face smooth, but its burning. I hope its helping... Been a w
  8. i always feel like if i leave my cysts alone and apply BP constantly 3 times a day or more with moisturizer they go away faster, something about the bp draws out impurities
  9. Try using BP %2.5 for many months
  10. minocycline gave me these along with the itching symptoms, i stopped taking it...
  11. my suggestions would be to stop taking the minocycline and stop using %10 BP Try bentonite clay on any areas you have acne and apply %2.5 BP Twice daily with moisturizer. dont pop or pick ever and if you do place neosporin on the open wound.. Try eating NO dairy, sugar, & salt... Drink 80ounces of water everyday... Do this for 2 to 3 months... DO NOT INSPECT YOUR ACNE, when applying product to your acne, do it from a distance so you cannot get a good look at your acne..
  12. I have some good news! I got mine and nothing was wrong!!! Lol PLUS!!! I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to geiko