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  1. Hello acne internet, I’ve been using the regimen consistently since I was about 15 and now I am 24. I still have acne, so I still use it. Even on days I do not apply benzoyl peroxide—my partner insists kissing me makes his lips burn. He still does (so it’s not an excuse just to not kiss me!), but I wish it didn’t have to cause him any pain. Anyone else out there experience this?
  2. Hi acne forum goers, I've had some problems with the Regimen. My first and biggest problem is the dry flaky skin. I occasionally exfoliate with a light exfoliant, and I've tried AHA+. AHA seemed to help even out my skin tone nicely, but dry skin is still quite an issue. Even if it's not visible on my face, as soon as I wipe my face on a shirt or cloth or anything, a smear of white specs is left behind. If I ever want to lay my head on a guys shoulder, you bet I'll be thinking
  3. I went one week with only using BP at night and this past week I alternated between using it twice a day and once a day. I found after reducing BP for a while the excessive flakiness and dryness I was experiencing subsided and my skin soaked up the moisterizer immediately after drying from cleansing. Over time though my skin was not as ready to soak in moisterizer, as the dryness caused from BP usage over the years subsided. Now I feel as though its unnecessary to skip BP usage in the morning
  4. So for this week I only used BP at night. I was consistent except for Friday night where I skipped moisterizing, but that's not going to effect my results that badly. The first morning that I left the treatment out took some mental effort because the regimen has become SUCH a habit for me, but I absolutely loved it. It was like drinking water for the first time after a long day where you just couldn't find any. I couldn't fathom how I was about to put BP on such a dry canvas. Skipping this s
  5. Yikes! Yeah hopefully that helps! I know Dan says 2.5% BP is the best kind to use to avoid harshness, maybe that would help too. Peace to you as well!
  6. I've decided that I'm going to try reducing the BP I use to once a day at night time. I will still cleanse and moisterize in the morning like usual but I am tired of having flaky skin. It's the most persistent around my hairline but sometimes effects other areas of my face as well. It's been four years and I haven't really figured it out. I exfoliate now and then which isn't good for maintaining clear skin but I don't know what else to do. Besides, I'm 19 now and hopefully my skin has calmed
  7. I've been using the regimen for about four years now and I have the same flake problem. Part of how the BP works to my understanding is that is makes your skin cycle through its life faster, hence why the flaking is kind of dramatic. Jojoba oil is a freaking godsend. I understand not wanting to put it on your face during the day, but I highly recommend using it at night. Even if you don't use it regularly, you can use like 10-12 drops at once to help take off the existing flakes. I'll use Ne
  8. Where My Skin is at Now After all the time I've been using the Regimen, I think I've come to know it pretty well. My skin is clear and I can almost predict my breakouts based on how well I've been following the rules Dan gives on this site. In fact, its not only clear, I dare say its healthy and beautiful. Dark spots from my previously moderate-severe acne-d face have long since faded. Whenever I breakout now the pimples are small and barely noticeable. I actually have a papule underneath
  9. Well its true. I, the ever so loyal user of the Regimen for about a year and a half, anti-dutifully skipped using the regimen after I got my wisdom teeth out. Good news is I probably saved some product because my face was so ridiculously swollen the first few days I would have had to use more of it than usual. MY TIP to any of you pre-teens or teens who haven't gotten their wisdom teeth out! Get them out EARLY. BEFORE they're an issue. During a long vacation so its not a stressor preferabl
  10. Haha awesome, I don't usually get comments so this is pretty neat lol. Hmmm I feel like I should say something back....HI! :P

  11. hi! this is gonna sound really stupid and i don't usually do this but i've been reading your blog and i've just started the regimen. also i'm a girl and only about a year older than you so i can relate lol anyway i've been sitting here reading from like the first post so i thought i should say something to you i practically feel like i know you by now x)

  12. I'M A SENIOR IN HIGH SCHOOL. Well its summer but technically I'm one since the old seniors graduated. Anyways, lets see, I started the regimen sometime in January 2010...the 13th I think, I remember being amused by it because I didn't notice I had started on such a controversial number. Well if that is the case I've been on the regimen for a year and four months and 17 days. Crazy I know! So for all you guys and gals out there thinking about trying the regimen, remember 3 months WILL pass..
  13. Hello internet and company. Well I've been on the regimen now for...a long time. Junior year this year is absolutely crazy, so I haven't really had time or energy to come on and make a post. Thankfully its now winter break (yes I still have HW to do that I can't finish by the end, GAAH) so I do have the energy to write in this blog yet again! So I visited my family in Texas recently. After being on the regimen for ALMOST a year, missing two applications (one on the flight there, and
  14. So I decided to go to a friend's meet today. (lets call her..Eliza) Eliza and her mom were very accommodating! Plenty of food (cheeze its! yum!) and exciting events. I loved the atmosphere of the crowd! how people would wait until their teammate's head arose from the current of water their own limbs had produced to shout "GO GO GO GO!", their voices carrying out past the coaches' tents into the swim center's parking lot. And what's even more exciting, my friend's extra suit fit me. I was e
  15. If you've been on the regimen for more then a month use how much Dan tells you to. And yes, four steps. I'd recommend waiting to make sure the BP has dried, if you don't the aha won't absorb as quickly or as efficiently. Also use it just at night at first, or period. Its powerful stuff, especially if you haven't used it before. I just used it as a nighttime moisturizer for oh three days in a row and my face gets really flaky. Experiment and figure out if you need to spread it out timewise