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    I love going starbucks and I love animals!! I am a senior at University of West Florida majoring in psychology and community health education. I study alot and I am involved in my organization at school called FACES. In my free time, I like to hang out with family and friends. =) if you wanna know more about me, just ask!

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  1. penguyen

    Day 3

    I am so frustrated..I'm popping up more pimples up in my chin area and the red marks are more apparent than ever..i'm afraid that I have to wear makeup for the rest of my life! Ugggggg...... Sucks!! I'm so down..I've tried everything to kill the acne and it's not working. I want to go on accutane so bad!!! Fingers crossed that I will soon!!!!!!!! Much Love, Diane DiDi Nguyen
  2. please read my blog and provide some input!

  3. penguyen

    Day 1

    Hey guys, So maybe this isn't my first day but it's been about two weeks since I've started up this regimen. My current regimen is: .1% clyndamycin topical lotion epiduo gel 150 mg of doxycyline and an IPL every three weeks for red marks It seems that this week that I've had a massive IB..nodules on my chin everywhere. I break out on my chin like crazy and have massive red marks on it. I hide it with makeup but as soon as the makeup comes off, it's back to my nodular self. I have about
  4. hey im Vietnamese too and i had acne on mostly on my chin and forehead all my life. Until i started taking "Bactrim" antibiotics and using Dan's regimen, the acne on my face totally disappeared. I higgly recommend trying "Bactrim"!!!

  5. hey .. whats up?

  6. In response to your post, I personally wear makeup to cover up red marks and scars and if you see my pictures, you can't really tell I have any pimples, etc. Keep in mind that your skin photographs differently than you think, as my skin looks way better in photos and then in person ppl are like WTF? lol..but some tricks I've learn: Use a green concealer such as physician's formula (you can find it at walmart) to cover up redness..i use this brand and swear by it. It won't clog pores.. I wear m
  7. Hey guys! So i got my first IPL done on my red marks and no browning occured..i read somewhere that your spots were supposed to turn brown and flake off...is it not working for me? my derm had me on the lowest setting..does anyone have an success stories with IPL? I'm asian skinned too. Im wearing alot of makeup in the picture..i have many marks on my chin and nose.
  8. Maybe you should try retin a? or try a GA peel? I think retin a helps with red marks..as far as scarring goes, I don't know. I don't have severe scarring but my sis does and she uses retin a micro and her face looks great! Ohh I use cetaphil moisterizer and it helps!
  9. Thanks guys!! =) I will keep you guys posted!! Some days my skin would look better than other days!!! I'm trying to switch makeup tho, I use clinique oil free superstay foundation and pressed powder but I want something that would stay on all day. Any suggestions???
  10. Thanks guys!!! Gosh..i know it's so frustrating!! But tuesday is actually just a consultation for my GA peel so if my skin's too sensitive, then I won't do it. But the lady said she would start me off with a light percentage and it's free =) i'm getting it done at a medical clinic! I just hate having to wear so much makeup to cover up the mark =( But i will keep going on retin a and today, I just got my clindamycin lotion from my pharmacy. The doctor said it would keep the pimples away, has anyo
  11. Hey guys! I've been using retin a micro for about a month now and it seems that my skin is getting bad, it's still red and whiteheads are popping up. How long does it take to see improvement for you guys? Does retin a micro help with scarring?? I have a couple or red/purple marks and I hope it would work! I'm getting a GA peel on tuesday!!! kinda nervous!!!! XDDDDD Oh yeah, my name's Diane by the way, but people call me Didi!!!! If anyone can help me with my retin a micro question, I would appre
  12. People who are making fun of you are ignorant!!! I am suffering from bad hormonal chin acne and it sucks! I never had acne back in high school and my breakout started last semester of college. Thank goodness, in college people don't really care!! I know it's hard when your skin is breaking out but just know that it's going to get better and that it won't be permanent. Yes, i've cried so many nights about my acne but it wasn't until my mother told me a story that I stopped crying. When my mother
  13. I have bad acne on my chin..i just wear alot of coverup!!!
  14. awwww I have red marks too!! It sucks cause like I wear a lot of cover up!!! I'm currently breaking out on my chin only and if I could remember, it takes me about six months for them to fade completely. I'm currently on retin a micro and I'm having my first GA peel done tuesday so I hope I can fade me in the next two months!!! I hate going out and piling on the makeup!!!! I never broken out this bad before and it sucks!
  15. How is your skin now?? =) I'm getting my first glycolic peel done next tuesday and I'm super nervous! I hope that my skin will tolerate it, I'm vietnamese!!!! I have a bunch of red marks on my chin after a bad hormonal breakout and hopefully the peel will get rid of them. Do you have any current pics of your skin???