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  1. New blog entry!!

    1. nick-o-lass

      41 Days Post Accutane

      So I stopped taking Accutane 41 days ago and since stopping Id say Ive only had about 2 zits since then. Thats amazing considering how bad it was before. I am still using the Trader Joes Nourish face wash, the Earth Sciences moisturizer, and the Bio oil. I still have some hyperpigmentation but it had significantly gotten much better. If I ever get a zit I just use a little bit of Daniel Kerns 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide gel and the zit disappears overnight. I strongly reccomend anybody who is con
    2. nick-o-lass

      Day 122!

      Sorry for the super late response. No it does not do that. I find when I add only a few drops (2-3) to my moisturizer everyday its not even a tiny bit oily. Its been several months since I started using Bio oil and have only had about 3 zits since I started. Before Accutane Id get like 20 zits per week without using Bio oil.
    3. nick-o-lass

      Day 122!

      It did work very well though.
    4. nick-o-lass

      Day 122!

      I ran out and have not gone and purchased more and bio oil is like half the price for a supply that will last you FOREVER so that's why I switched.
    5. nick-o-lass

      Day 122!

      So I haven't updated in a while but I have been 100% acne free for like two months now and so I decided to stop taking accutane after 4 months. I have like 17 days left. I am confident in my decision as I am tired of taking this poisnonous drug and am confident my acne won't return as I will continue to be very persistent on my skin care regimen. I am tired of the back pain and the horrible dryness my skin has. Im sure my oil glands are destroyed enough. haha. I am still using the Bio Oil
    6. nick-o-lass

      Day 107!

      So I have been completely acne free for like 2 weeks now. Ive been using the Bio Oil every day and Im starting to see results from that with my acne scars. its making my skin super hydrated and not oily suprisingly. I switched my face wash to Giovanna Dtox and I dont really know how I feel about it yet as it isn't as sudsy as my Basis Cleaner clean face wash but the Giovanni face wash has activated charcoal and goji berry so it sounds good to me. Oh and it has volcanic ash too. I even put t
    7. nick-o-lass

      Day 94!

      Ok so I have lots to update unlike usually. So Ive only had like 2 really really small zits that lasted like 2 days and they were so small you just couldnt see them unless you came really close. I have been trying something new and its actually been working super well. Ive been adding about 3 drops of bio oil to my moisturizer and that bio oil goes a long way. The bio oil makes my skin very soft and it has not been breaking me out at all! My dermatologist appointment is tomorrow and Im sure
    8. nick-o-lass

      Day 85! Over 4000 Views On My Blog!

      So first off I wanna say thanks to everyone for reading my blog now that I have over 4000 views! I havent had one zit until today I got a very very small one that will be gone in a day or two. I've noticed Accutane is making me not very hungry at all. My skin has been really dry and Im using all the same products. Im almost halfway done with Accutane! My hyperpgimentation is still there and I am patiently waiting for them to fade. Theres not really much else to update. Keep reading!!!
    9. I wish it was February so I could be off Accutane.

      1. nick-o-lass

        Day 78!

        So here I am I cant believe im 78 days into Accutane. I still feel the same and I still have those stupid red marks and I wish theyd go away but the derm told me it'll talke 6-12 months. My skin was clear since my last blog update until yesterday I got 3 small pimples. No biggie theyre getting smaller already and they're pretty small. I still use the same moisturizer (Earth Science Spf 15+ almond-aloe moisturizer) and I swithced my eye cream (not that it effects my acne I just think its good
      2. nick-o-lass

        Day 68!

        It's totally no big deal to miss two days. The accutane stays in your blood for quite a while. Really don't worry. If you take 2 pills a day then just start taking 1 when you are running low.
      3. nick-o-lass

        Day 68!

        The only thing you cant do on Accutane is things like chemical peels, laser surgeries or anything that essentially wounds the skin as Accutane messes with something called Collagenase which are enzymes that break peptide bonds in collagen (helps your skin heal. Youre acne during Accutane is actually more sustepible to scarring than when you're not.) and when you use things that are abrasive or things that wound the skin you are gonna scar and thats gonna be bad. This product that I reccomended
      4. nick-o-lass

        Day 68!

        So I actually missed a few days of Accutane like day 60-63 because I ran out of my medication but im back on and all good. My skin is continuing to clear. I have like two small pimples right now and my hyperpigmentation fades more and more everyday. I am using all the same products and everything like that. I keep forgetting to talk about how my nose keeps getting severely dry on the inside. I've been putting lotion right on the inside of my nose because its been getting so dry that I've be