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  1. For those of you who are still going through this journey, im here for u and i support u all. Much love, Faith
  2. Hello everyone, so it's been a long journey for me with accutane but i'm happy to say that it's over now. I've been off accutane for almost a month now and my lips and skin r back to being normal. sucks for my hair though i was kinda enjoying not washing it daily lol. skin is perfect. for everyone who's suffering right now I want you to know that I've been there. I used to lye on my bed and cry my eyes out to sleep because of my acne. but not anymore! Now i have other things to think about
  3. waw so glad to hear it's already working for u so fast! i didn't see any results until the mid of third month. but that's gr8 for u!
  4. faithforever575


    haha yeah had the same thing said to me in my first month, wait 2 more months, you'll show that bastard it'll get better i promise u but first 2 months r the WORST!!! please don't give up, it's just 2 months until u see greatttt results!
  5. So, had my derm appointment 4 days ago. Updates: no breakouts anymore, just red marks which supposedly fade away with time They're kinda annoying because they give the impression that they're pimples but they're not. i have smooth skin now. This is my last month and I'm done i really can't believe it, i never thought i'd have such skin. Accutane is truly a God sent! I gotta admit my confidence has risen so much in these last 3 months! the weather sucks in montreal right now but i'm going b
  6. So it's been 119 days now and i'm telling u time flies! i can't even remember when i started taking this medication. Things have been going well not much has changed since last month i didn't break out at all not even one small zit! it's all super clear but i noticed small red dots underneath my skin i hope they don't pop out i don't think i can deal with breakouts any longer. the red marks r still there so i still need to cover them up with concealer and foundation and all that crap but otherwi
  7. Hey everyone, it's seems like it's been forever since i last updated u. Anyway, i had my derm appointment yesterday and he told me things are going exactly the way they should be. I havent broken out in the last 2 weeks which i tell u is VERY weird this has never happened lol. I only have 2 small little blemishes on my left cheek and that's it. No cysts, no crap!however, i do have red marks from previous acne but i can't complain honestly because i'm a girl and i can cover it up with make up. s
  8. So i'm 2 months and 2 weeks into accuane. Nothing much has changed yet, eczema is back on both hands, very dry and painful. Face still very dry, cracked lips, muscle pain, very sensitive skin like anything could make me bleed.even wind and what else? i'm gonna end my 3 months in 2 weeks and i'd have 2 more months to go. I really am not able to smile or stay positive, last night i got drunk eventhough wwe're not supposed 2 drink but oh well it couldnt hurt to drink once.. and then i saw my ne
  9. would u mind posting pictures? Thanks and happy for you!
  10. hey! i',m third month into accutane and i have like 2-3 bumps left but im left with acne red marks and they dont seem to fade away theyve been there since the intiial breakout my derm told me that they eventually fade away for sure but i really cant wait up to a year come on! i know with foundation they cant be seen but its also lovely to have clear skin!watcha gonna do with the red marks? any treatments for that? are ur red marks decreasing?Thanks!
  11. lol can u post pics soon?btw how the hell ru making ur boobs grow? damn girl u should be happy with having small boobs mine r like a size of 80 C IT SUCKS i cant run like other girls and all my tops need bigger sizes just bcuz of my boobs. BIG BOOBS SUCK i wish we could switch:P
  12. u and i have started accutane at the same time. hopefully we'll end at the same time too with beautiful skin!
  13. I had my derm appointment this morning. He said my blood test turned out just fine i was worried because all the drinking i had last week! he also said my acne looks better and i shouldnt break out anymore this month. He said if im clear by the end of march then we'll stop and i can livvvvvvvvee and as for the red marks he said they'll fade with time and he also said that i don't have any scars. But i still don't feel fine and i the red marks r giving the impression of acne so i'm still asham
  14. Hey!! I'm glad things are working out for you! You;'re almost done!!:)Just a little Q: I also have like 4 to 5 pimples on my face but i've had red marks since the initial breakout in month 1. they don't seem 2 be fading away and i know that once i stop breaking out they'll probably heal by themselves. But Im a very a impatient person and once i'm done with accutane i'm gonna do something about it like chempical peels, laser treatment, IPL or whatever. Which one would u suggest? and r u gonna do