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  1. Hello everyone Im 16 years old male and I was on accutane 60mg for 5 months. It went perfect! I had acne on my chest back and face and it all cleared up! Ive been on about 4 weeks and I notice black heads coming back a little on my nose but that is no big prob. My derm has me washing my face with 2.5BP Morning and Night and at night apply Retion - A. The only problem is my left and right cheek and on the bottom of my right cheek there is alot of redness and scaring. When will the redness is go a
  2. I have been on acccutane since May of last year and have not stopped. I was on accutane starting in may with prenisone to not make it flare. Then it November I stopped the prenisone an i got a flare and i just delt with it and my cystic acne cleared in like 3 weeks. Ive been on accutane since May of last year but since November i stoped the prenisone and just been on 60mg off accutane. I cannot stand these red marks anymore, I'm very moody and just feel like sleeping and laying around all the
  3. Okay here is the deal. Ive been on accutane since May of last year. I was on prenisone from may-November because every time i would stop i would get this horrible flare. So November i went to the derm told her i will deal with the flare up and just get over it. So from November-Now Ive been on 60mg of accutane a day. The first 2 weeks in November i had a flare an by the end of the 3rd week my face was completely flat but i had all red marks and i still have them. Nothing has changed since Novem
  4. Does 2000mg of Vitamin C a day help cure hyper-pigmentation. Im on my last week of accutane and i cant stand all these red dots everyone im so embarrasses.
  5. WOW! I'm 16 year old male. Im in the same position as you! I just ended my 4th month of 60mg accutane and no active acne anywhere expect 1 or 2 on my forehead. And its been like that since month 1 it cleared everything except i get the 1 or 2 on my forehead. I go to my derm this Thursday and she is thinking about taking my off it because overall i cleared really good its just these stupid red marks that are so depressing.
  6. I heard putting hydrocordizone cream or aquaphore cream will help it or also baking soda with a little water and leave on for 10 mins?? ???, Is this true anyone ?
  7. Okay I'm on my 3rd month of 60mg of accutane and my cheeks and lower cheeks are clear no acne at all just red spots from the acne before it went away. How can i clear that up anyone please. Its so embarrassing.