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  1. Ok so breakouts are gone, but now im left with these, are these the red marks lol? if so i been reading that emu oil can help, anything else i could do?
  2. Need to find a new cleanser then! Will go to GP tomorrow so they can prescribe a good BP.
  3. Ok so i posted a thread few days ago, however im not even sure what this is anymore...they come and go every now and then, but they grow in the EXACT SAME area as before and eventually have a white pus like substance when it pops...whitehead?! Ive tried using panoxyl 5% and cleansers but doesnt seem to work, anyone know what this is...might have to see GP. I think the panoxyl and cleansers making it worse and spreading it
  4. Ok so i randomly start getting a couple whiteheads every few days, i use BP to remove them, it used to work but doesnt seem to be working properly now =\ And if it does clear up, another would pop out straight after, getting really frustrated. I clean my face twice a day with clean and clear deep cleanser and apply BP 5% before bed. Is there anything else i can do to prevent/remove whiteheads? AHA? Im from UK, if anyone can recommend any products...PLEASE! Thanks.
  5. Ok so i want to start this regimen but i have a few questions. First off i have very mild acne...like a couple of pimples on either side of the cheek and some faint red/brown marks from the pimples that have been removed so i wanted to get rid of these marks and the pimples using the regimen. I live in the UK so i'm going to be using products available to me and after reading some posts on here, i've come to a conclusion on the following: Cleanser: Clean & Clear® Deep Action Refreshing Ge
  6. Ok so i recently had a few pimples on either side of my face, they are gone now but i have been left with brownish-red marks on my caramel brown skin, i do however get the odd pimple now and then, im not using any products or anything on my skin so i thought its time to sort this out. I live in the UK so if anyone can recommend any products or what i should do? ive been reading the regimen thing looks like its worth a try but i need to find products. Reading sooooooo many posts on here and im