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    Lacrosse, rock climbing, running, dietetics. If you need anything, feel free to pm me.

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  1. Lots of people have red marks after accutane, they'll heal up faster once you're off it. No worries!
  2. Don't worry too much about the horror stories, those are the very small minority. As long as you watch out for any troubling side effects you should be fine. 1. An initial breakout is very likely, so it will get worse before it gets better, but in the long run your skin will more than likely clear for good. 2. Yea, doses always start out low and are increased as the course progresses unless side effects are too much for someone to deal with. If this does occur, the dosage will be decreased or
  3. Are you using a moisturizer? If you're using a moisturizer and still find witch hazel to be drying, consider diluting it with water. Say 1/2 water, 1/2 witch hazel.
  4. That's entirely a matter of preference.
  5. it's topical accutane, hopefully it works well for you!
  6. Jergens natural glow face moisturizer. I've only been using it a few days and it's already helping. Plus it has spf!
  7. ah, it's a bit unlikely to be a post-tane breakout since it's not your first rodeo and it happened the same way your first time around. Give it a few days before you jump into any new treatments just to make sure tho.
  8. rockclimbing for fun, lifting and running out of necessity.
  9. lmao your pic is hilarious!

  10. Bro! Glad to hear you finally got it! Best of Luck to you! I think it's prolly best to not use Tazarotene and BP while on it, your skin is going to be sensitive enough as is.
  11. You're fine eating foods with vitamin A in them bc they're in the form of beta carotene which is a pre-cursor to vitamin A, your body won't convert it to vitamin A if it doesn't need too. Just avoid taking supplements with vitamin A bc they are generally not in the form of beta carotene.
  12. That's really interesting, actually. Keep us updated!