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  1. Ah, I was just thinking ... maybe I should tell something again about the products I'm using at the moment. 'Cause althought the Regimen didn't really work out for me, I kind of tried to keep to the scheme for cleaning my face. I changed some products. I'm using very gentle products so they won't dry my skin out. I never rub my face anymore. I never touch my face or pick at my skin anymore. And I clean it every night. I think I've found the right routine for my face, because it never feels dr
  2. Hey!Nice to read your blog :)Keep on going, the acne will eventually go away, but it takes some time. For me it took me half a year until it was completely gone (I was on 20mg/day most of the time). Just be patient. It improves very slowly. For me every breakout was a little bit less-worse.Maybe I would stay on the 30 mg/day if I were you, especialy if your back allready hurts so much. When I went from 20 to 30 all the side effects got a lot more. That you don't see your skin improving inmediatl
  3. Hello again! I just wanted to tell everyone that I believe that my acne is actually gone! It dissapeared! It's a miracle! And it feels sooo good! I haven't had any spots for three weeks now. My skin feels so soft and it's starting to look better every day. The higher doses is giving me some problems though ... At first I thought it would be better to go back to the 20 mg/day, but it will take me so much extra time, so I decided to stay on the 30 mg/day. The side effects are much more then
  4. Hello! I didn't update for a longgg time, and I'm sorry for that. On the other hand I'm very happy, 'cause it means that I'm not so busy with my acne anymore. I can tell you that it's going very well! In the summer I had to take 10 mg/day for a while, because of the sun. I was a little bit scared that the acne would get worse again, but that didn't happen. The acne is slowly disappearing and I'm not so worried about it anymore. I didn't have new acne since about six weeks, but this week I
  5. Last week the acne came back (oh, what a surprise ... honestly, I was just waiting for it ). I was desperate. I just want it to be GONE! Is it really so hard? Just stay away and stop attacking my face! Grrrrrr The scars are very bad. I have two enormous red areas on both sides on my face. It is horrible! I will start another month of 20 mg/day and then I'll go on a lower doses for a while (because of vacation and sun). In september my derm wants me on 30 mg/day. I just hope it will be gon
  6. My skin is still doing okay! It makes me feel so happy I've had some very small infections over the last week, but they were gone pretty soon and weren't so bad. But I must admit that I did some picking at my skin again this week ... which is not good. The scars seem to be more red then they were, but my derm told me that it will be better when I've stopt with the roaccutane. So it's just something I'll have to deal with. It really feels like my skin is getting better already. It defenite
  7. Just a short update! My first month of roaccutane is over, and it feels good! I had to see my derm again yesterday and she told me that I would stay on this low doses. She had good results with this in the past and she thinks the roaccutane is much more bearable if you have a low doses, because the side-effects won't be that bad. I thrust her, so I think it will work out great. She told me that it worked for every single person she gave it to. I can't wait to be done with this My skin is
  8. Luckely the cysts disappeared fast. The last week has been okay and it was really a relieve! It just feels so much better when your face is relaxed and it doesn't hurt all the time. I even tried to flirt with some guys again I'll be seeing my dermatologist this tuesday again. I think she might want to bring up the doses a bit more. But I'll just hope that she'll say something good and that my 'progress' is okay. Still I'm scared that the cysts will get worse again, as they always do. But
  9. I don't know how I have to deal with this anymore. It's so hard to forget about it. Last week it was all a bit clear, but this morning I woke up with pain again. And yes, there they are: five new cysts. Aaaargh! I took a shower and when I was drying myself my skin peeled off. So, I can't be in the sun and now the last bit of sunbrowned-skin is gone. Hmpf. I did moisteriser and sunblock on my face and went on with my foundation, but it didn't want to stick to my face. And now I'm so angry! It
  10. It is going great! The areas of infection are dissapearing and there are just some small cysts left over. There are no wounds on my face and it looks okay. But the best thing is, it feels okay! The thickness is absolutely gone, so I can talk and smile again without noticing some pain in my face. I don't know if this is done by the roaccutane, but I'm happy with it. I hope it will stay like this. Acne: it's okay (small cysts, redness); Roa: 14 days, 20 mg/day, total 280 mg; Side-effects:
  11. I'm still alive! Although the last week wasn't so very good. I had an uncountable amount of cysts and it was sooo bad! The left side of my face was twice as thick as normal and I looked like I've had a fight with someone. I tried to ignore it, but it was diffucult. I couldn't move any part of my face without feeling a lot of pain. Last saterday was the worst day of all. I felt it when I woke up. It was one of those days that you don't even have to look into the mirror to find that you look ba
  12. Well, this morning I took my first Roaccutane pil. It was kind of weird to take the first pil. I was like 'ok, so now I'm going to ruin my total health and condition just to have a clear face'. But on the other hand I don't want to have a ruined face, so I guess it is a good decision. I've totally stopped the benzoylperoxide, which is a bit dissapointing because I was really believing that this would help me out. Maybe my acne is just to tough to handle with this. But overall it helped me to
  13. Since I've stopt with the doxyxycline (only two days now) my face is getting back to were it was. I can feel new cysts coming up and my cheeks are bumpy and red again. Damn it. Won't it EVER go away? I think I'm getting better at accepting the situation. It's really not that simple, but I'm trying to stay positive about myself. A few of my friends told me that it isn't that bad and they still think I'm a beautiful person, and I should stick with that. I'll just avoid mirrors for a while I'm
  14. ananaz

    The Little Things

    Thank you for your beautiful and inspiring blog! I really loved to read it and I'm very happy for you. I hope your skin will stay in this good condition for a long time :)I'm starting on accutane next week and I'm hoping for good results.Good luck to you!Ananaz
  15. sorry there isnt a space its sunputty.com