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  1. Ive had this once on my back and now I have it one on my face
  2. @blueeyednycgal, What dose are you going to take? I just popped my first pill in. I started to get raised bumps on my face, now i get little bits of acne appearing more and more. I stopped Accutane about 5 months now (after taking it for about 2.5 months, i stopped after that time). Gonna see what happens with 20mg every few days
  3. Been OFF Accutane for 6 weeks**Took it for 2 months Suggestions: - Mandelic Acid - Exfoliation - Vitamin C So I've heard of many suggestions; These three being my main focus. I'm aiming to diminish my Red Marks in time, I was wondering, Which of the suggestions should do a good job and in what way should they be used? Things I've heard are like, Mandelic Acid, Baby Brush Method of Exfoliation, Lemon/Vinegar etc. Which would be the most effective. My marks are a medium/dark-pinkish colour
  4. Ohh true. Yeah, agreed. To be on the safe side. I was also thinking about maybe exfoliating? Don't know which would be better to try first. But I heard stuff about Lactic Acid Peels? Heard they're weak. Oh right you mentioned it hahaha. You reckon using Mandelic Acid to exfoliate? I'm not really a pro when it comes to exfoliation. Never really did it in the past. Cheers !
  5. Your marks might fade a little bit while using Emu Oil to treat old-ish PIH. But maybe trying a Peel or something? I'm trying to use different skin lightening treatments now
  6. Heey guys ! I've been off Accutane for NEARLY a month now, after taking it for 2 months (stopped early) (: I was just wondering (because I've heard), that if it was fine to undergo a light chemical peel (after 1 month OFF Accutane). ***All this is in regards to hyperpigmentation treatment. And whether there are alternatives to this which produce good results ? Eg. Heard about some Baking Soda + Lemon related treatments. I've been using Emu Oil at night as part of a regimen, and yeah, everyt
  7. Is it safe to consume different Vitamins, ie. containing Vitamin A, after stopping Accutane for 2 weeks. I just stopped after 2 months of using it though. Thanks.
  8. How long should I wait before getting a peel done. Got off Accutane 2 weeks ago, stopped around 2 months into my course.
  9. I've been using Emu Oil for awhile now. Just stopped Accutane while 2 months into it, bout 2 weeks ago. Still applying Emu Oil. But the only problem is Old red Marks. God are they depressing !
  10. Ohh, fair enough. Although, I didn't finish my course. I did 2 months of it, it's the same sensitivity brought onto the skin? So pretty much, What should I do to get rid of my red marks when I've stopped Accutane about 2 weeks ago, and have been taking it for 2 months. I've been using: Emu Oil at night. Moisturizing and all that in the morning. But I've heard more treatments like, Lemon Juice, Cucumber Juice, Jojoba Oil, Exta Virgin Olive Oil. What's the best thing to do though? I wanted
  11. Do you think this method is suitable if I just got off Accutane. I stopped nearly 2 weeks ago, and was on it for around about 2 months. I stopped because it seemed to slow down the healing of hyperpigmentation. I didn't have active acne for weeks while using it. It just cleared me up.
  12. Will it do no harm to use the Baby Brush Method to exfoliate the skin of red marks after 2 weeks post Accutane? I stopped about 2 months into treatment, my skin is smooth like a baby's bum. But there's a fair amount of red marks. And it's the worst thing. Worst than acne which can go away. But that's why I hope there's something I can do about them. Something which will work.