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  1. I find when I switch supplements or miss a couple days and take them again I break out, so I try and keep my supps regular now, or I could be crazy. I would definitely recommend getting some sun whenever you can.
  2. gm0ss

    Before/After Accutane

    Before/After Accutane 2010
  3. gm0ss

    Accutane + College ?!

    blood work takes about a week, so book an appointment any time after a week should be fine. took me 3 weeks becasue i forgot to book an appointment right away. my acne pretty well stopped at 3 months but its takes and additional 4-5 months probably for all red marks to fade away and have awesome skin, second time i went on accutane was only for 4 months and it took a lot longer for my scars to heal.
  4. Starting Retin A, second times the charm

    1. gm0ss

      best dp EVER, it had to be said.

      1. Dont be silly blogs are made to vent. While I was on it I always was thinking how it sucked because I couldnt drink all the time. When I look back now I dont feel like I missed anything. My roomate said to me a week ago 'look at this pimple on my face its HUGE' and I didnt even respond to her. Best of luck to you! im sure it will go great
      2. I can totaly relate to your situation. My first year of college (last year) my acne got absolutely terrible and I had never been so miserable. Nothing I did made it any better and I felt like EVERYTHING made it worse. It definitly controlled my life, I'll never forget how helpless I felt . Its realy tough and I wish you all the best, its hard to stay positive but you will be clear someday, hopefully sooner rather than later. I went on accutane and it was probably the best decision I've made
      3. wow dont rate mine then....
      4. gm0ss

        G's Accutane log (start Feb 1st)

        Day 57So its definitly ben a moth since my last post and theres definitly nt too much gwannin,My face seems to be less red I think, i'll probly take a picture since it been forever. I just looked at my older picture and i was just like shiiii that sucks.I realy wanna cut my hair because I think I look dumb with longer hair but im afraid my hair will look super thin... so I donno what im gonna doo. :unsure:This month just flewww by it seems like yesterday I was picking up my second prescription,
      5. gm0ss

        Moisturising after school?

        over washing is just as bad as under washing
      6. gm0ss

        G's Accutane log (start Feb 1st)

        Im going to Punta Cana on Sunday(yay), anybody have have any advice on sunscreen or ways to not get my skin burnt off?
      7. gm0ss

        G's Accutane log (start Feb 1st)

        Day 24sooo its been a while since my last update,hasnt been too much to comment on, my skin ist too dry and doesnt bother me much, my lips are dry but not too bad. Im pretty sure my hair is getting quuuuite thin, as well as my eyebrows :s hopefully it doesnt get too bad.... I have my next derm apointment on march 8th i think, and ill probly get a higher dosage. I drank last weekend, i didnt get wasted but I was feeling pretty good, it was my friends 19th birthday and i just couldnt miss it, im
      8. I thought you werent suppose to use benzoyl peroxide while on accutane?
      9. gm0ss

        Giving up masturbation for Lent. Who's with me?

        this is fairly entertaining
      10. i've heard of many people, including my sister, who didnt even see any improvement until 3 months, but now are clear, try an be optimistic!