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  1. iherb.com is what I use As for the monthly thing, that suggests to me that you need to change up your acne supplementation. I used to always break out at the beginning of each month (mild) even after incorporating my vits. I just kept rotating and taking out what wasn't working, kept what was, and bought others i hadn't tried yet. I think i've found my perfect combo now as I get like nothing anymore
  2. I've tried Vit E in capsule form and oil form. Both caused me to breakout in the areas I applied them. You're probably the same way. Just stop using them, and let the marks fade on their own (assuming they aren't pitted or ice pick). If I can suck it up and be patient with my marks, then you can
  3. For inflamed pimples that don't turn to whiteheads, I use Hydrogren Peroxide 3% solution. You can buy it at any drugstore for like $2-3. I use a Q-tip and just dab it on. I do it once in the morning - leaving it on until i shower (4-5hrs), and once b4 i sleep and leave it onto the next morning. After a week, the pimple goes down a lot. It has worked super well for me, actually the only spot topical that has. BP/SA/Cleansers don't do anything for me. P.S - if you go outside, the peroxide wo
  4. The flushing is only if buy the flushi variety. There are non flush Niacin supplements (although it didn't do much for me). Also, they are pretty damn big, at least the kind I took. @jay - I've also wanted to try and take more than the max limit of 10k, but never have. I rather have it do its job slowly than possibly fk me up somewhere down the road. I don't think the vit E would have made that big of difference. It's more for scar healing (I think) than actual acne reducing.
  5. That seems good. I've always had acne, but starting December 09, I broke out like no other. By march 2010, I had like 15-20 pimples...I still don't understand to this day how my acne changed from mild to moderate-close severe over night. Like you, topicals do not work for me. They just break me the hell out. SA/BP/Cleanser/Acne masque...etc...nothing What has worked and has cleared like 95-98% of my acne is vitamins . I still haven't found the perfect combo, but if it helps, this is what i
  6. These are the 3 I take, and they've worked damn well. I still get the occasional pimple now and then, but they die off easy, and heal quickly . I'm not asking for perfection, just close, and right now i'm there. As for the fish oil, to me, it's a hit or miss type of supplement. When I started taking it, I broke out in cystic-like acne. Really inflamed and hard, and painful. It wasn't a lot, maybe 1-2, but every time they died, another would pop up. So i went off it, and poof, they stopped.
  7. The honey should be PURE 100% honey. It will tell you on the label if it is or isn't. I only did it at nights, and kept it on during the entire night. Twice a week I did the honey + asprin mask (uncoated asprins). I stopped doing it after 2 weeks or so. Just because I got lazy. It did make the skin feel softer. I can't say much for acne since I didn't use it long enough
  8. "Accidently masturbated in the morning" Hey, whatever works for ya...
  9. Hey dude, thanks for the advice =)

  10. I agree with Beautiful. You need to just go out and do you. Because waiting for acne or depression to go away will just make it worse for you--days turns to weeks turns to months turns to years. Don't miss out on new experiences, or just any experience because of your own internal issues. You'll regret it 10 years from now...:)

  11. Nope. I didn't start breaking out frequently until first year uni. It's worse now in my third year of uni, and I don't wank off NEARLY as much as I used too...
  12. haha...what losers, breaking out from fish...o wait... *raises hand* Although I don't break out in terms of quantity when I'm on fish oil, it's still as bad. Oddly and similarily, I get 1-3 PAINFUL, deep acne bumps whenever i'm on fish oil. I've even named them...Agatha... I stopped taking 2 weeks ago, and the cystic acne went away. Back to regular zits...sigh...
  13. Hey Glimour, It's still pretty early for me to tell, since my last pasta related break out was late feb to early march. But i've been quite clear since then. I haven't gotten any pimples anywhere on my forehead or left cheek. But my right cheek gets 1-3 zits every now and then. What I'm dealing with now is the scarring. The scars on my forehead are mostly faded, but the ones on my cheeks, especially right side, is nasty. A lot of scattered brown/red dots. Looks even worse in the dark. Som
  14. I've been doing awesome with Vit A that has Vit D in it too (10 000 IU/400IU) and Zinc (50mg). I also have fish oil 1600mg, but I haven't been taking it lately...trying to see what I can take out and still be clear. But just to be clear, go to your doctor and have a check up first. Just so nothing goes wrong, because there are side effects with Vit A and you can OD on Zinc I think. It all depends on how your body is.