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  1. How good is this product! One of the best products I've used in a long long time.
  2. Thats great to hear. I'm still waiting for mine to come from homepeels. I got my first order in 1 week, it's been 3 weeks now
  3. It's frustrating that there are no good lactic acid products in Aust, well none that I know of anyway. You'll have to order from homepeels.com or puredeming.com .
  4. I'm still waiting for my lactic acid from homepeels but I think that comes with a pre prep scrub of some sort.
  5. My first order took 7 days. Was expecting my lactic acid today but it didn't come yet . Hopefully tmmrw.
  6. lactic peels seem limited in Australia. I'm getting mine from Homepeels.com . Expensive shipping but fast delivery.
  7. I had it 4 yrs ago. Expect to be red for at least 4 months, even longer. And be prepared to stay out of the sun for extended periods for a while and use sunscreen religiously. If done correctly, you'll have baby soft skin although for severe acne, it won't do much. Shallowish type acne will improve greatly.
  8. you're a champ maya. Ok, I'll just order from homepeels then
  9. Hi Maya, Do you reckon there is much difference between 40 and 50% lactic peels. Would a first time user of lactic acid be ok starting on 50%?
  10. Anyone else having trouble with puredeming's ebay store? Haven't been able to order for 2 days.
  11. I emailed them to ask about my order from Australia and got back an email saying international customers are causing more issues than they are worth and that they have to manually go to the post office to post the stuff etc. Basically they are not gonna do international orders anymore and rejected my order. Where else is a good place to get 40% lactic acid peels? Homepeels has a 50% peel but no 40%. I got my glycolic acid from them in 7 days though their shipping charges are quite dear.
  12. Definitely worth a try rather than die wandering. People react differently. Give it a go and see how it goes after a month.
  13. Hey guys , I ordered 40% lactic acid to get rid of shallow scarring ( looks like skin grazing ). Was wondering would it be ok if I use this in conjunction with any Glycolic creams as such? My aim is exfoliation , exfoliation and more exfoliation.
  14. I don't think 10 mins once a week is too bad.