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  1. Day Two Hundred Thirty-Nine So I had a minor chin breakout while I was clearing up again, and I'm still getting rid of those stupid forehead bumps, but it's fantastic. I've noticed that if I use RA a few more times than normal in a week, I'll get the peeling. Nothing some light exfoliation with my stuff from CVS or jojoba and gentle rubbing can't take care of, but it can still ruin a makeup application. I don't really have much to update on, but I really love answering questions and giving wha
  2. I had mild-moderate acne, I'd say. I never had cysts, but I had a lot of pimples and whiteheads. The peeling wasn't really that noticeable unless I wore makeup, which is why I stopped wearing makeup for a while. It's also better if you don't rub your face, because that disturbs the flakes. The salicylic acid pads are really too harsh for using while your skin is on Retin-A, in my opinion. If you absolutely have to get rid of flakes, try using a washcloth gently or find a very gentle exfoliant th
  3. Day Two Hundred Six Hello! As you can tell from the lack of updates, everything is going really well. That sensitivity subsided, but the flakes came and went sometimes. I eventually ran out of clindamycin ahead of schedule, and had to go without it for about a month. During that time I got a lot of bumps without heads, and even a few whiteheads (countable on one hand, lucky me). I also switched to using makeup again, Bare Minerals in particular. I'm not going to go on about how amazing it is,
  4. I use bare Minerals, which I know tends to be unpopular on acne sites because of the bismuth, but I haven't had any breakouts or irritation. I didn't wear makeup for a while just because I was really sick of the look, feel, and fuss that went into it. I tend to have oily skin with flakes everywhere because of the Retin-A I'm on, but with regular exfoliation my skin behaves and plays well with the BM. I'm also very very pale (NW 10-15) and it's a pain to get something that matches me. BM has don
  5. Just in response to the post above me, I masturbate (sometimes several times a day and sometimes I won't do it for more than a week, it just depends on where I am emotionally, hormonally, etc) and I don't have acne anymore. When I did, I never found any link between masturbation or diet and acne. I went several months without masturbating to test that one, and there was no change, same with diet (I was on a very restrictive diet, the sort that has been touted a lot on the holistic board). The on
  6. Day One Hundred Sixteen Hey, I'm back! Nearly a month later and I still haven't had a single pimple (which is awesome). The salicylic acid thing is a bit harsh on my skin, so I stopped it a while back, and the flakes have for the most part stayed away. These past few days they've come back a bit, which is bad. I think it might be from a walk I took. I really should have worn a hat. So basically I can't wear makeup again until they go away. My skin is also a bit sensitive. When I wash it I have
  7. I'm fine, how are you?

  8. Day Ninety-One Breakthrough! Even though the peeling didn't stop on its own, I remembered that salicylic acid dissolves dead skin. I've used aspirin masks a few times to try to fight the peeling from Retin-A, and it's always helped. Why didn't I think of this before? So I picked up some of the store brand acne pads that use 2% salicylic acid (on sale, but they're basically the same as Oxy Maximum pads), and voila, perfect skin. So basically I've fixed the only problem I had with the Retin-A. I
  9. I'm from California. ^__^

  10. My name is Rose. Where are you from?

  11. Nice! I'm very partial to anything Mozart. I've also had a small obsession with Abendsegen from Engelbert Humperdinck's Hänsel und Gretel. I love Broadway and musicals as well.

  12. Sorry, the internet has been really spotty lately. I have really diverse taste, and I play everything I can figure out. I like old jazz like Ruth Etting, folk music like Gillian Welch, indie like Keane, and a hundred other things. I also like classical music (my favorite classical singer is Frederica Von Stade.

  13. Day Eighty-Two The spot I mentioned last time is going away, which is lovely. I think that maybe my peeling might be getting a little better. Possibly. If I stop peeling I will seriously jump for joy. So happy! Not sure if that's really happening, though. I don't want to say this too early, but even though I currently have three spots on my face... I think I may have beaten acne.
  14. Day Seventy-Nine I really wish I was more consistent with this, but I suppose it can't be helped. I got a new pimple yesterday, giving me a visible total of three, but technically only the new one is really active. I'm still peeling, and I have an event tomorrow so I'm trying to get that under control. I used an aspirin mask while I was in the shower. I think the new spot is because of stress. I was up pretty late on Thursday and Friday working on my midterm paper. Hopefully it'll go away.
  15. Inkling

    Cleared up my acne, smoothed my skin, continues to fade scars, reminds me to put on sunscreen before I go out. I have a bit of peeling which is supposed to go away soon. I love Retin-A. I use 0.05% with Clindamycin 1%, and it has cured my acne. My skin is the clearest it's been since puberty, and the scars are always getting better.
  16. Hello, not much, just working on a midterm paper. I see you play guitar. I do too! What kind of music do you play?

  17. Day Seventy-Six Hooo maaaan it's been a while, hasn't it? Sorry folks, I've been really busy! Thanks for all of your comments and support, and I'm really sorry it's taken me so long to reply. Before I get to my progress, I'm going to take a bit of time to respond. Kool Guy - Yeah, thankfully I'm not getting any breakouts really. I don't know what I'd do without my moisturizer though! Retin-A is great. Moi1 - Keep going with the Retin-A! I suggest reading the stickies in the Retin-A subforu
  18. Day Fifty-Eight So I've gotten maybe three or four pimples, not the end of the world. I can see some of my larger red marks fading, which is very exciting. My skin looks great, except if I touch it. I still peel pretty horribly. I've tried jojoba but it hasn't really helped much. I can't tell if it's actually causing pimples or what. I still can't really put on makeup because I just turn into a peely mess. Hopefully I'll have perfect skin by my performance dates. Anyone have any estimation of
  19. Day Fifty Still peely, still can't wear foundation which sucks because I just got one that actually matches my ridiculously pale skin. Ah well, I never wore it before. I'd like to think I'm less peely now than I was last week, because it seems to be in patches now. Big patches, but patches none the less. Also, I think my forehead must be oily or something, because I never had dryness or flakiness there. The peeling is mainly my jawline and bits of my cheeks now, along with my chin. I've been g
  20. Day Fourty-Five Very few new pimples between my last log and now, but peeling, peeling, PEELING. I'm still peeling. It's kind of irritating to me and looks horrible under makeup, even if I've just exfoliated. Will the peeling ever end? Ever? Supposedly it shall, but it seems like it never will. Not much to say other than that.
  21. Trader Joe's also has their own version of the original formula, which is pretty darn good in my opinion. I posted the information in an identical thread here. It's called Trader Joe's Enrich. I've also been thinking about contacting Dan to tell him this so he can try it or the recommended moisturizer list can be updated. Or something like that.
  22. Hey, I got a new moisturizer in a very similarly styled bottle (different print, and a flower) at Trader Joe's, called Trader Joe's Enrich. Googling it, the first page was at acne.org (here). That user says they're the exact same formula, SPF 15 with zinc oxide. It hasn't made me break out at all, and it smells pretty nice too (not overtly of sunscreen anyway). If you have a TJ's or access to someone who does, I recommend getting this. Hope that helps! ETA: It scores excellently on MUA as we
  23. Day Thirty-One I turned seventeen on the fifth! Woo! So the Retin-A is awesome. The flaking/peeling has pretty much completely stopped. I have some jojoba to try if it comes back. I think I'm ready to increase to every other night, but I'm kinda scared that my skin will get fragile (mainly from some of the things I've seen in another log). I think increasing my Retin-A usage will help, but I'm pretty freaked out by the face falling off thing. It's been working well so far, though. I could pr
  24. Day Twenty-Six Alright, apparently I only update once a week. Anyway, at the beginning of the week and into the middle, my skin was peel-o-rama. I don't go outside, so I've never really gotten a sunburn bad enough to peel, but I imagine this is what it's like. PEELING. My skin texture feels kind of rough and dry almost. I feel like I need some serious hydration even though I've been moisturizing twice a day. I still have a bit of peeling, but not nearly as bad as earlier in the week. I've hear
  25. Day Ninteen I think I'm starting the IB now, maybe. My acne is a little worse on my left jaw and lower hairline, but still better pre-RA. I've had a few very small spots come and go really quickly, which is odd. In other news, I've just started mildly peeling. I don't wear makeup apart from translucent powder to cut down on the mirrorlike shine I get when I put on moisturizer in the morning, so it doesn't show up too badly. Still, really annoying. It looks like I left glue on my face and then