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    I'd like to get rid of acne and scars.

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  1. Hello everybody, I apologize I haven't replied more quickly. Any more people here with personal experience? Could someone tell me what sized needles to use and how the individual needles look like? Could someone send me a link or picture here so I would know. Also a link to a stamp, please. Is the stamp really that more effective? Wont I make a better inpact on scars if I needle them individually? And is here on this forum or an another a comprehensive threat on needling? Sorry again for
  2. Thank you all for the fast replies! the only place I have many scars on one area is my right temple. It's like there aren't much healthy skin left. Then I have mostly light scarring on my forehead, plus around 5 moderate scars. I have light and moderate scars on my left temple too, but there are more healthy skin between them than on the right temple plus they aren't as deep as on the right side. On my left cheek I have some light scars and one moderate scar and on my right cheek I have more l
  3. Hello fellas, I suffered from cystic acne from last years fall to this years spring, and it radically changed my life, the way I see myself and the world. It made me feel like I'm a monster and thanks to it I lost my friends and life. I want to get rid of my scars or at least improve them enough so that I can see myself in the mirror and not only the scars. I don't want to see my scars and remember everything I went through. I can't believe that modern medical science hasn't found a cure for so
  4. Hi! Thanks for the reply. I just thought because his scars doesn't seem deep so wouldn't he get rid of those after one yer of needling? Some of my scars are like his and I'm probably starting needling in 2 months so I thought I should recommend him it too, but then again I haven't started yet and I don't know if it's going to work..
  5. Hmm don't you think that needling could work?
  6. I'm a girl and it would be terrible if I got bald..
  7. @keikoluv Well I started to loose much more hair than I normally do. Otherwise, Accutane did help me alot, but I still have sebaceous cysts (cysts under my skin). I have had bad experiences with derms as well, and it sound like maybe you should get an another one? @Boston50 No I'm not clear yet.
  8. hiya, thanks for putting it that way My intention is not to be rude but if you're experiencing adverse effects stop. That's what I did when I start shedding, I can only imagine how much worse my hair would be had I continued. It's okay lol. I'll have to stop then thanks for your effort
  9. hi. No, I meant I'm still on Avvutane and i've been on it 8-9 months now. And for the last month now I've had hair loss. Thanks for sharing your experience. How are you doing now? Thaks for the new info!
  10. Hiya fellas, Today was the last time I took my Accutane. At the beginning my derm said that I'm going to take it through summer. I started it 8-9 months ago, and it would have been an around 11 months course. But I have noticed that I loose much more hair than i normally would, so I'm going to stop. (50-100+ in the morning, when normally 10-20 ) Will this go back to normal when I stop tane? My problem is, that I still have active acne, most of them are sebaceous cysts, and they've been there
  11. Yes, I'm on my 8, soon 9 month now. I started with 20mg, then 40mg(or 20 one day and 40 the next etc), but my acne got much worse and then we decited to keep it on 20 until february-present time, which is now again the 20/40mg a day.
  12. Heres an uptade I still have the same problem and I think it has gotten worse! I loose 50-100+ hair on the morning. This is far from normal to me. It was usually 10-20 when i counted them at the beginning of my accutane course. I'm frightened that this wont stop when I stop taking accutane! Should I stop accutane? And if I stop it, with what can I replace it? I'm 18, and when I asked about Spironolactone from my derm, she said I'm bit to young for that. But I've had 4 derms in my acne journey,
  13. I think you wrote somewhere here that fraxel repair costs in australia 9000$? Won't it be cheaper to tkae a plane to some other doctor who does a good job? I'm going to travel when I get to start treatments because no doc does subscision here. I've tought about something weird the last couple days: would it help if the scar area is massaged before the laser? My scars seems to get better for a while when I do that. Also, if subscision and fraxel repair is combined, will the result be better tha
  14. heya, im on accutane too. the way you phrase the question "This is very important. I have enough scars already for cuss' sake", probably means you arent ready to deal with more scars. Its highly possible this would leave a scar even at the best of times, so i'd stay away from it buddy. You have your whole life to get rid of the skin tag. If you rush it now, you might be left with worse damage than before. Simple yeah? Okay yea, thanks for the reply there