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  1. Hi... I wanted to know if the dryness and flaking problem disappears after your skin gets adjusted to BP after using it a for few weeks? Or does the dryness stay as long as you continue using BP?
  2. Please excuse me for asking this stupid question. What is AHA used for? Do you get to buy it as a separate product or is it just an added ingredient in moisturisers? Can you please suggest some over the counter AHA products which I can use. I have a problem with cystic acne and hyperpigmentation.
  3. Hey.. your skin looks quite good to me. Or are the photos not very clear? Mine looks much worse than this on a good day
  4. I get painful cystic acne once in a while. They hardly ever come to a head and I never pick them. But they take a long time to heal... 2 weeks atleast. Even though I dont pick they leave a mark on my skin, specially the cheeks. No deep scar, just a dark skin discoloration. Eventually these marks fade in around 2-3 months. So what I have learnt from my experice is that cysts generally dont cause a deep scar as long as they are not picked. They just cause hyperpigmentation which fades with time.
  5. Its bad when u search for the darkest corner to sit in a resturant.. Or you are happiest when u are in a movie theatre coz thats where no one can see the horrible breakouts...
  6. 20+ days of avoiding dairy and my face is relatively clear!! Thanks for helping me pinpoint the culprit. For years I have been living on milk ( milk , yogurt, butter, cheese, tea, coffee!!) and been battling with acne. Uncountable visits to different Derms and not even one could make the connection to dairy. Stupid ass#@$%^&!! They just asked me to stay off oily food, chocolates, pizzas and junk food. And ignorant as I was, I never thought something like milk, which I always thought was a w
  7. Thanks for the info. I bought Neutogena dry-touch SPF50 sunscreen. Will start using from tomorrow and will update if it causes any breakouts.
  8. Hi, I live outside USA and I cannot find the sunscreens you have listed. Does anybody recommend me using Neutrogena suncreens? They are listed as 'Non comedogenic" but I still am scared as my skin breaks out easily. Have anybody used sunscreens from Neutrogena?? Does it cause breakouts?
  9. Dab honey on the cysts overnight. Trust me... cysts will come to a head and dry up if u continue using honey.
  10. Thanks for the diet info Panic!! I hope I can be just as disciplined as you are. What do u use for the colon cleanse? I use psyllium husk fibe supplement (powder form) before going to bed. I am not sure how long I can safely continue to use it?? Can anybody please recommend me a good sunscreen which is least likely to cause breakouts. Is Neutrogena good?
  11. Pimples on the forehead and on the hairline are usually related to dandruff and dirty hair. I say you should try washing your hair frequently with a dandruff shampoo like Head and Shoulders. Massage onto the scalp and let the shampoo stay for 2-3 minutes. Then wash off. Also change your pillow case everyday. Keep your hair off your face.
  12. I am just the opposite.. After suffering from moderate to severe acne from the last 12 years I have now somewhat accepted it as a part of my life. I have learnt not to let acne dominate my life. I go out and enjoy my life and also work just as hard. I dont care if people think I have spots on my face... I know I am beautiful otherwise and am a good person from inside If they judge you by your skin then you dont need such people in your life at all. But from my experience I can tell you that m
  13. Ya the check is coming your way Panic.. keep checking your mailbox!!! I suffered a little setback when I woke up yesterday with a painful cyst near the mouth. But thankfully the size is much smaller than it used to be before. Also after dabbing honey overnight it has developed a head today and I am hoping it will clear out in a few days. Panic: Can you tell me briefly about your diet? I am trying to chalk out a diet plan for myself and need some help.