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  1. That sounded like me before I went on my Accutane course. It was like my own personal game of "Whack-a-Mole", you get rid of one and another comes up in it's place. And it'd always be the EXACT same spot over and over and over again. What is the most concerning issue for you going on Accutane? I felt much the same way until I actually started treatment and talked to people who had completed it and realised all the Accutane horror stories are nothing but misconception. The only side-eff
  2. As opposed to a what, 75% percent failure rate for any of the tetracycline antibiotics, which are not designed to treat cystic acne? Great trade-off. As for your gloating recommendations of Sodium Sulfacetamide, you do realize there have been numerous cases of actual deaths arising from severe allergic reactions to the topical application? Superficial, topical applications which do not target the production of acne bacteria & sebum are utterly useless for anything other than very mild
  3. That I'm alive? And I thought I was cynical... There's a fine line between grateful for everything else in your life that has gone right and just being severely depressed. That's acne talking.
  4. Exactly. I had the opportunity to take Accutane 2 years before I actually started it, but due to some absolutely idiotic doctor who warned my mother of the standard "Accutane Horror Stories", we decided to put it off for another 2 years. And surprise, surprise it flared up like hell. I wasted 2 years with Doxycycline before coming to my senses and man if I could go back in time I would have taken Accutane back in the 9th grade, when my acne was barely alive.
  5. Oh my god... 20% of those prescribed Accutane have a re-lapse and need a second course. No offence but you're talking out of your a**. Pardon the French. A 1 in 5 guaranteed cure for severe, cystic Acne is a miracle drug. End of story. I should know, because I experienced that very transformation. 3 separate dermatologists I have spoken to, who've medicated hundreds upon hundreds of acne sufferers have said they have yet to see a case where a person suffered permanent liver damage, seve
  6. I have not tried this, as I don't live in the US and hence have nationalised healthcare, but have you considered buying Accutane on the Internet from generic brand manufacturers, which can be hundreds of dollars cheaper than the brand name product from Roche? I have read of a few people on Acne.org/Acne Blogs/Acne Sites who live in the US doing exactly that, with no prescriptions or referrals from dermos and paying as little as $80 for a box of 60, 20mg pills. All they do is self-medicate, and
  7. I know it's petty and childish but before I went on Accutane, I used to lash out at my mother a lot when I came down with a break-out and argue with her in a lame way to try compensate for my condition, which is probably genetic since my mother had cystic acne as well (although not as bad as mine). When we blame our genes we're really blaming ourselves and that's something you can't do with Acne, since it's so variable and hyper-sensitive and unpredictable that there could be a million factors
  8. Somehow I've managed to be spared from any real ridicule over my acne, even what it was absolutely horrendously bad in high school (Big, Cystic lumps all over my face). The worst I've gotten was people either asking me why my acne is so bad or saying stuff like "Hey Rudolph" when I had a big zit on my nose. Just childish stuff. I count myself lucky. Kids can be friggin' evil bastards.
  9. i really dont know... possibly going to basic. thats the only thing i can think of That'd do it. When I did amateur kickboxing every time I had a fight coming up I'd get what I call an "anxiety breakout". Same thing happened when I went on holidays in fact and I was travelling by car non-stop for 4 days. Ironically enough I took a vacation precisely because I wanted a break from having to deal with my acne in front of everyone. My body seems to know, no matter how much I suppress i
  10. I pay NO MIND to whatever anyone tells me about acne or how I should go about "curing" it. I've become something of an apprentice dermatologist over the last 5 years battling with severe acne so when I say I've researched it to death, I have. And I don't mean just surfing the web reading about other people's experiences and forming my own conclusions. I've talked to 6 different dermatologists, 4 different doctors, 1 surgeon; I've consulted with many people who had severe acne during their tee
  11. Thanks to each and every one of you for your kind words of support and comfort. Really, thanks. Believe it or not (I'm not sure if you guys are as cynical as I am) but it DOES help reading and sharing the combined mental and emotional anguish of having acne between sufferers. It kind of feels like sharing the burden around. John1234's post really hit a nerve in me, and sometimes I do feel like if I manage to overcome my acne (not holding my breath though) that'll I be mentally tough as nails b
  12. That struck a chord with me. Did you ever feel like beating up your genes? My mother's side is where I inherited my acne from too, but somehow no one else in my family has it and my mother never, ever had it as bad as I did. Genetics is like a roulette table, it's so damn chance-based, it's unfair. Thank you for the kind words... I appreciate it. And I'm glad you're life seems to be back to normal... don't take it for granted. Enjoy
  13. I feel like I need to get this off my chest, because it's so damn hard to talk to anyone with even an ounce of understanding or experience in coping with acne, unless they've actually experienced it themselves. Most people are compassionate yes, but there's a fine line between compassion out of necessity (because they know you, they like you, they live with you) and compassion out of shared emotional pain. I trust a lot of you here share my pain too... which is why I probably feel more comfortab