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  1. right, im just waiting for my facial cleanser to arrive, just had to order it from ebay, as it seems to have dissappeared off of the shelves, its the cleanser i bought when my face was at its best, so hopefully, it can help me again , pleeeease
  2. well, ive just commited a big sin , ive just popped the biggest pimple on my face, tbf anot came out, but now im left with a huge swollen bump right at the top of my cheek , God damn my life
  3. im 17 and currently I suffer with moderate acne on my right cheek, this has led me to being seriously depressed, i dont want to go outside due to the lack of confidence it has caused, I've had acne for a few years, around 6 months ago, i got the majority of it cleared up, but now it has returned and im more self concious than ever before. It has led me to ending a relationship due to the fact that i dont want to face people, and this has generally made my life a lot worse, the doctor has ust put