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  1. pantothenic acid B5 works pretty well especially in controlling oily skin. i actually stopped taking the pills though when i started dan's regimen last september. dan's has actually kept my skin pretty clear. i still get a few pimples every few weeks but thats it. now i know that dan's regimen works and i'm gonna start using B5 again. the thing that sucks about it is that u have to take so many pills a day. that plus my multivitamins & fish oil... omg i'll be taking about 15 pills a da
  2. were the results from idebenol as good as the apeel ones? Well, both are good, it depends if you want somthing to use daily that wont make your skin peel at all or you can use the a correct peel and have your skin peel. I think I have seen the best results with the idebenol because I can use it everyday without irratation, and yet it gives just as good results.
  3. 10 days, my face is definitely less shiny than it was before. I guess even though it's hard to see now that I'm using Glycolic Acid it gives me also a glow. I gave up on the pills.
  4. i'll start trying this out tomorrow & get back to you next year i hate blotting with sheets every few hours
  5. try origins matte scientist... helps keep the oil down. i put it on after my moisturizer (eucerin). its $21 but lasts about 2-3 months & works great.
  6. I'm going into my third week now and started using Eucerin last week... OMG my skin really isn't as flaky anymore. It really helps a lot. I use it morning and night now =)
  7. Does anyone recommend this stuff? I use to use it and it made my skin oily during the day but didn't cause breakouts. It has almond oil in it so I stopped using it and I'm using Eucerin Skin Renewal now.
  8. I took this pix about 5 minutes after putting on BP. I use about a fourth of my finger of BP and put it everywhere on my face except my forehead & nose. Do you guys get this dry and flaky before putting on moisturizer too? After moisturizing it all goes away though and it looks fairly normal I can't imagine whats gonna happen when I start increasing the BP dosage.
  9. i have that exact same bottle but instead of Macadamia Nut Oil it has Almond Oil. It works well at keeping my face flakeless until nighttime but it's really shiny throughout the day. I switched to Neutrogena Moisturizing Lotion with SP15 and that one is shine free after one blot in the morning but it makes my face a little more flaky. Neither have clogged my pores though
  10. You know u've had them b4... they start out as little dots in the morning and by the end of the day they're giant balls of white goo. Anyhow, if BP is suppose to dry out whiteheads by killing the bacteria with oxygen, would it be good to keep applying BP on the whitehead throughout the day like every few hours? Anyone ever try this?
  11. I just started the regimen 2 days ago using BP gel on about a 4th of my finger. On day 2 my skin started to peel off like I had been sunburned (which I havent). Is this normal for the regimen? Will it always been peeling?