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  1. I didn't start "growing out" of acne until I was 23 or so. That's when my breakouts were less frequent, but not completely gone. It differs in age for everyone.
  2. Currently I use Cetaphil cleanser daily. While using my Clinique Face Scrub only once a week. I do like how smooth my skins feels after using Clinique Face Scrub, although I have been told before not to use it too often as it can overdry your skin. My question is, if it is not overdrying my skin, can I use it more often? Such as, every other day?
  3. You should always moisturize right after you apply your topical cream. Don't apply too much, as moisturizers can cause your face to become too greasy and that can cause breakouts as well. I personally use Clinique M lotion as my moisturizer. Read around other posts and you will find recommendations from others on a good moisturizer.
  4. Colds don't cause acne, as far as I know. If the Duac is working, stick with it. How long have you been using it?
  5. My acne used to be way worse, but as I got older into my twenties, my acne started to get better. Its better to take care of your acne when it is bad though, as it can cause scarring.
  6. Its an art to be able to shave in the shower, I still can't do it.
  7. When you shave, try to use a good shaving cream or gel for good lubrication. Personally I use Clinique Shave Cream, but there are many other good ones out there. Take a hot shower, and pat your skin with warm water before shaving. Apply the shave cream and make sure you use a sharp clean blade. The shaving section should also give you good advice on it.
  8. I say start with very small portions and then work your way up. Try squeezing a small amount onto the tip of your index finger for about a week or so before increasing.
  9. Clinique has done wonders for me. It seems to be the only stuff that works on my acne. It just depends on your skin type. Clinique is not as harsh on my skin as any other product. It works so well for me, I now consider myself a Clinique lifer.
  10. If the BP is causing your face to turn red and its burning, you are either using too high percentage of BP, or you are starting out with too much. You need to start with small amounts and work your way up in order for your skin to adjust to it. And make sure you are moisturizing.
  11. The reason I think that most people apply cream again in the morning is because once you wash in the morning, you wash away most of the gunk along with the cream that you applied the night before. You start your skin fresh again with nothing on it. People then apply cream again in the morning so that it will continue to work on their face throughout the day. If you only apply it at night, its only doing it job while you sleep. If it works to only apply it once a day for you though, then you
  12. I always wondered about this, when I used to have longer hair, I would get breakouts on my forehead. So I always thought that my hair was somehow sticking onto my oily forehead and causing the breakouts. However, now my hair is short, and I have grown out facial hair. Not as many breakouts, but when I do get a couple my facial hair covers up the acne very well. Anyone else have experience on facial hair or long hair causing acne breakouts?
  13. Alcohol seems to clear me up as well. I had a breakout and then drank a couple of beers that night, the next day, it cleared up considerably!