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  1. Its been awhile since I've posted anything. I'm off bactrum now... still on the clenia face wash and cream. I'm on minocycline? Im not sure on spelling. It worked a bit. The stuff on my face has settled a tiny bit... its still there however. I recently had one on my forehead and my derm injected it and it went away and now about three weeks later its coming back... so stubborn. Then I have one on my cheek that was okay for awhile and just randomly blistered up huge. It popped and I h
  2. you should update your blog!! I'm using the Clenia Foaming Wash (I'm guessing your using the topical).. lol just wondering if it's all working!! (must be =P)

  3. So ... long story short did the accutane thing. my cysts multiplied. got off accutane. got put on bactrum. acne was clearing up for a week. havent had a cyst yet since my last one on accutane. however, still have the remaining ones. theyre not as big or filled up at least. now! my skin is exactly the same as before i started accutane. what a waste. im getting the little ones around my nose.... on my forehead.... chin... oh dont forget the ones that dont puff out they just hurt and are red a
  4. Hey... It took me a month after my appointment to get on accutane because I had to go on birth control. I dont recall if they gave my blood test then or after my first month on it. Ask your doctor if they can do the finger poke instead. That's what my doctor used. I passed out once from it lol but it really isnt bad. I am not good with blood either so I was glad they poked my finger rather than take tons of blood. I really dont think they need that much to be honest. But here's the thing on a
  5. My skin isn't any better. Tiny worse. I had a new zit come in right on my cheek in the typical spot. Still using the same meds. (bactrum and washing with clenia) I noticed out of my showers some of the bigger ones leak (gross IKNOWWW) but the one on my forehead feels better at least ha. no luck. I attached pictures, i forgot im wearing tiny tiny bit of cover up... its just covering the redness. oh dont mind my hair in the picture lmao. its nuts. i know... im sick with the flu so its okay
  6. I stopped accutane. This blog is going to be my "improvement" if and when that ever happens. I am currently on bactrim twice a day... cleaning in the morning and night with clenia and using the cream on the rough parts. Diet... staying the same... maybe more water intake. Stress level... cant ever control that :/ Please leave me comments or ask questions! I love you all. for pictures (i have no idea how to put them on here because i suck at this website) go here H
  7. is there such a thing? what do you experience?
  8. i do work out a lot. im only 115 pounds. im a dancer so i dont think exercise is needed lol i drink a lot of water my diet is normal of a college student i do try to eat healthy though im big on eating meat and soup i only about one or two meals a day and snack i started on 40 mg a day and that worked good and then he upped me to it twice a day so 80 mg during my third month
  9. what exactly are they removing? does this scar badly? my mother used to get these cysts in her ears and along her neck line and had them removed. she told me that she feels like there are sacs in there and thats what they remove. i really want mine removed! ive had mine drained and injected nothing worked. they still come back ive been on a steroid that does the same thing as the injection and that worked better i took 2 pills for five days i forget what it was but it worked well. how
  10. if feel like this is just coincidence, however you never know. im gonna start flossing every day lol
  11. my skin looked like that after the accutane. those pics were taken the same day i was told to go off. i went off because i was at the 6 month. my derm told me i could go 7 months if my sixth month hardcore improved which it worsened. i feel like ive used everything there is its so bad. right now im washing it twice a day with clenia and then taking the bactrim. i used to be on bactrim. it didnt do anything really. the accutane helped a little. all my pores look smaller. my nose cleared up an
  12. Hey! Ive finished from accutane 2 months ago but still have a couple of small pimples which kinda seem like Acne now =(. But ur skin still looks beautiful. Ur pretty as well =D. I hope ur new medication works out well! Good luck =))

  13. good def ask him about it. my two months my skin was better for some reason... it kind of broke out my third month and just kept getting worse. yeah i never had cysts until accutane... well one but it wasnt as bad as what i have now. i think accutane is a bad choice now that ive done it once. if it gets worse and its not getting better be careful. the ones that i had like yours would puff down in a day not completely but helped a lot with the shot. it didnt help the redness however they were les
  14. Nothing is worse than wisco lol. Yeah I'm doing bactrim for six weeks and then going to that minocycline stuff... i dont know i disagree on the still looking beautiful part but thank you for making me feel better i just dont get why the accutane didnt help at all.