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  1. thanks man... you're really solidifying how i ought to be thinking. "fuck'em" is how i should be thinking. like they know me, right? but still... i'm really not a pessimist, but STILL!
  2. cute! thanks not many people think that...although is it a good thing to be considered "cute" at the age of 22 lol it's always good to be considered cute. hehe well in that case i will wear my cute tag with pride...may i say, you are very cute yourself too...and congrats on getting complimented on your skin at the record shop :)... i havent been complimented in a long time, and never about my skin when i did...i know it feels good when you are complimented in general, let alo
  3. Me to lol. I have lights off and im like damn im fine then i turn the light on then im like damn i look fucked up. It sucks thats why im asking my girl to go to the movies with me. So its all dark. LOL lighting has a HUGE role... like you with your girl. I remember, this one time i was at a party and fucked around with this one chick all night. the next day when we she came to hang out (during day time) she basically ignored me and probably was thinking, was this the same motherfucker
  4. I've never had anybody really say anything mean to me... why? cuz, I look like a MEAN MOTHERFUCKER! coupled with me being built, nobody ever wanted to mess with me. fuckin' zit shit... damn
  5. after acne? *sighs, wonder when that wonderful day will come...
  6. it's funny because i've always had a fantasy of my dream girl having acne like me...
  7. wtf! your shit is nothing compared to mine. if i had your shit, i'd be out right now trying to get'up on chicks. FOR REAL!
  8. Mine's gotta be my personal stand-up oval mirror in my room and the mirror in my mom's room. Damn, if only these mirrors portrayed how I wanna look everywhere I go. ...the mirror I hate the most is the car rear-view mirror. fuck, i remember this one time that i jumped in the car and drove to the gym. once i got there, i took one look in the car mirror and drove back home. *sad*
  9. i always have this feeling that EVERYBODY is staring at my nasty ass skin. it get's me SO nervous. ughhhh, my psychie is kicking my ass. at first (like meeting my classmates for the first-time), i will be so nervous about what they think and sweat to DEATH! but once i start getting comfortable with everybody and start to get to know everyone, i'm okay. it's complete strangers that get's me dripping buckets. but i guess i shall start taking this like how nike's taking it. strangers are
  10. at all costs! school is the worst. those many fluorescent lights above the classroom just light up everything on my face. outside in the sun isn't as bad as outside, lets say, shaded in you car... ughhh
  11. I don't know wtf is wrong with me. I sweat buckets because I'm so self-conscious about how scarred, inflammed, and hyperpigmented my face is that it literally drips off my face! I get so nervous, especially if I have to go to a store, when I'm approached by somebody because I know all they see is my multi-coloured face. Ughhh... this has been happening since I was 18 (now 24). It's even worse when it's a hot chick... I think I'm doomed. Sometimes I have to remind myself to take a couple o
  12. my skin is absolutely acne-prone but i know it's not because of towels. i workout lots and i take a little face towel with me to wipe the sweat dripping from my face. i guess i'm like Harvard in that if i wipe my face a little rough, i will break out. but i usually just pat my face with the towel to rid of the sweat and i do that for the entire workout session. usually don't breakout. i use to have a "dirty towel" phobia but not anymore lol.
  13. okay... i think i'm gonna get some pictures outside during daytime to show you guys how blotchy it is with brown and red spots. i totally hear ya on the "in your grill" statement. that's why i don't care about my scars too much anymore. if my damn skin would just even the fuck out, the scars wouldn't be so bad... it's having scars, brown, and red blotch marks all over that's too much to handle. couple that with the occasional zit too!!! fuck, i'd be happy with 1 of the 3... dammit