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  1. You're so welcome. Although, I still have that looser mentality sometimes- but the good thing it motivates you and helps you to reach out for the best! I'm sure you are a very good looking guy (may be even handsomer than Shah Roukh Khan - sorry if I misspelled his name - I think he's really really handsome!!!!!!!!!!!), and I wish all the best-become the best you can be!
  2. I know, that it hurts, when you see how the relationship of close people changes when you have problems like this. I remember, I had the same period in my life - it was devastating. It was the first time I felt like a complete looser, since before the acne I was always self-confident, attractive and joyful person. Some of my friends (at least I considered them as friends) started to make nasty jokes about my skin, and it made me feel even worse- they did not help me at all- they took advantage o
  3. Megan Fox's skin did not used to be flawless. I thing her case gives us a hope- since after all the laser resurfacing and whatever else she's done her skin looks now beautiful- smooth, porcelain white, but before she had serious acne scars and acne as well.
  4. I think, eating raw is so convenient: no need to cook, relatively cheap ( you don't have to order anything, just go to the grocery stores and buy veggies, fruits, and nuts), you always have a light stomack even if you gorge on food, skin, hair and nails start looking fantasticles, as a bonus you shed extra weight. I'm doing it for about a week, and I'm really enjoying it. The skin is gradually improving. No breakouts, and the skin is so moisturized and radiant. just give it a try for a month f
  5. I copied that from one raw food diet forum: Hello, I just want to provide you with some encouragement. I started raw also because of facial acne. It was very much like yours. The good news is that raw cleared my skin and lightened my dark scars. My skin is now baby-smooth with no acne or any signs that I had acne problems before. As long as I eat raw foods, my skin stays beautiful and clear. The bad news is that it was a very gradual improvement, about 10% improvement each month. It took me ab
  6. thanks for sharing this valuable information with us! Yes, guys, you can watch Natasha's videos on youtube- I really like it
  7. I found an awesome video testimonial about a girl who cleared her acne by raw food diet, unfortunately, it's impossible to post it here............ Ok,you go to yahoo and search for raw food diet acne, and then the third link (25 Responses to "Clearing Up Acne & Scarring with Raw Food ...) has that video.
  8. Guys, whatch the video! Invalid Video Link may be we can give it a try!