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  1. rachel12345

    Day 13!

    Day 13 on roacctutane and definite improvements already! Yesterday I woke up with flakey skin and it carried on a little bit today, but it's nothing that bothers me - I'd rather have dry skin than acne! My lips still get dry occasionally but I'm using lip balm and some Nivea cream on them which seems to be doing the trick. The best thing about this stage is that I'm finally seeing improvements and I'm guessing I've got through the IB stage, so it's just improvement from here Hoping the si
  2. rachel12345

    Day 8

    A definite improvement on yesterday. The lumps are gone and now there's just some scab marks from me picking at them (whoops). Went to Boots today to stock up and prepare myself for the dry stage! I decided to buy a new face wash, and chose a Simple Kind To Skin Moisturising Face Wash. I loooooove this. It actually makes me look so radiant and my skin so healthy that I don't even notice my acne much! Would definitely reccommend it to anyone on Roaccutane as it's so gentle on your skin, and doe
  3. rachel12345

    Day 7

    Day 7 Definitely starting to have an affect on me now! Today i woke up with like 2 lumps on my face - great :/ So after a lot of trying to cover my face I decided not to go into college - which isn't too bad as I only had 2 lessons, but still not good i guess. Yesterday at work my lips were sooo dry and i need to buy a good lip balm soon as! At the weekend I went to a party, got completely drunk, and apart from making an idiot of myself and being incredibly hungover at work, I'm kinda worrie
  4. rachel12345

    Wow clearer skin!

    heey, what's honey bee skin healing cream like, and where do you get it? xx
  5. rachel12345

    Day 4 - sudocrem!

    Re-discovered my biiiiggg sudocrem pot today, and already noticed a difference. My spots have already dried up a little, but the rest of my skin is really soft. Definitely going to use this everyday again! I would recommend it to everyone!
  6. rachel12345

    Derm said I can start accutane next month!

    Heeey :)I bet you're relieved! Hope things go well for you - good luck! This is my second time on the drug and I had such good results after the first time and barely any side effects, so here I go again! The first time was completely worth it so I hope it is the same for you I know how much it can affect your confidence - I actually got depression because I felt so down about it. Any problems or if you just need to talk to someone (sometimes it's easier to someone you don't know) then I'm here
  7. rachel12345

    2nd time on Roaccutane - post number 1!

    Oh that's good! Hows it going so far? xx
  8. Heeey My name is Rachel and I'm 17 years old, from the UK. I feel I should kinda tell you about my experience with acne before today.. I have had bad skin from the age of about 11/12 years old. I have to admit, although I wish it didn't, my skin has dominated my life for the past few years. I do wish I was one of those people who didn't care, but unfortunately I do care that my skin looks bad. I find it really hard to talk to anyone when I feel my skin looks bad, I find it hard not to wear mak
  9. rachel12345

    Advice needed!

    heey, new to the website, although i have browsed on here before! i have had skin problems for a few years now, and am now 17. i went on basically all the treatments until i was referred to a dermatologist who pescribed me isotretinoin. it really worked wonders, and my skin looked great after. i was on the treatment for over 8 months and it seemed to do the trick. my skin looked good for a few months after, but recently i have noticed it getting a little worse. it is by no means bad, just a f