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  1. Cost me 80$ a month with my insurance. 400$ without. So I pay 80 a month, and if I lost them or something I get them free with in that month. Now, the doctor didn't cost me much either, but thats with insurance. Doc bill added up to around 3,500$ Your looking at a price about 6,000$ with out the insurance. Unless you get a good deal on the doctor. I live in the U.S.A Also depends on how long you need to take TANE for.
  2. Hasn't cleared me up? But I guess that's why your 90% sure :think:. 80mg a day. With antibiotics and for 7 1/2 months? I took the antibiotics for about a month. They didn't do shit either. Accutane actually cause me to break out more on my arms :wall: and some other side effects. (after treatment). Hope it works for you talltary. If your lips get too chapped, try some of this works great. Hyperlink
  3. Accutane bloats me if I take it late at night.. Always take it with food so it absorbs correctly. Drink plenty of water too. As for heartburn, I was experiancing that too which i never usally get heartburn but a tums or rolaid will work. Gasy might because of what you are eating, check your fiber
  4. Yeah use it, its a 3 step for a reason. I used AcneFree it was good for about 2 packages but if you have mild/moderate acne it should work. Just got to use it daily and faithful.. Good luck. And if you dont want to use that toner you could easily use a diffrent one.
  5. Im not trying to sale sh*t... just showing you all what works really good. I only tried it once but damn I love it when I get paid this is what I am going to get for my dried out lips. http://www.neosporin.com/liptreatment/lipt...0&page=0&from=0 Great stuff, worked fast to stop the pain. 5 thumbs up neosporin
  6. I tried this as one of my first precribed drugs, didnt do anything for me. Hope it does for you though, stick with it. I was taking some pills, and then tazorac (cream)..
  7. yep. 2pills of tane (=80mg) plus 2 pills of bactrim = 4 pills a day, I quit taking the bactrim. I know that it does that to your brain I asked him many of times. He's a dumbass..
  8. since march also i think my derm is a dumbass, i might make a appt with a new one.
  9. try a warm/hot towel for a bit and it chill. you can try ice too..
  10. 7 months so far on this drug I have not been clear on my chest,back or arms. My face is clear but none of those are.. they are worse. My arm has never been like this ever. I think my doctor is an idiot, they didn't even remeber when my appointment was, and I am on 80mg a day was taking antibiotic too. Quit that and now taking 2 pills of 40 mg a day,sometimes one. 2 more months and this is suppose to go away? my skin has never been like this, ever. So what do you think? Should I quit taking this
  11. Day 4 - side effects are showing already, breaking out, loss of appetite. I have been drinking more liquids then eating food. No dryness yet. Noticed when I get pissed now I start to shake - never done this before. Thats about it.
  12. Thanks for the replies err body. Currently the cost of the tane is 85 a month. So, i'll see what he can hook me up with. Nothing so far. I'll let you know if anything changes. as for the positive side that helps thanks blondie
  13. Anything I should be looking forward to? on the first day? this shit is expensive even with insurance.
  14. B. not freaking out, im chill and that was not suppose to be angry. Just didn't want any harsh reactions (hate) against a pothead thanks for the reply. See B. just like this moron.
  15. No I'm not a Druggie. Yes I smoke WEED some times. Not all the time. So FKING what. Questions, I went to the Derm today he is going to put me on Accutane. I was wondering if any one eles had any problems with smoking POT with accutane. I have quit smoking weed for awhile but I started again. ITS NOT A GOOD THING I KNOW IT IS A DRUG - LAY OFF! I just want to know if there is any side effects. Im not looking for smart ass remarks about this im being serious. So what if you dont like weed, that