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  1. Ok thanks I'll just throw it away then I thought that would be the case but I wanted to make sure it couldn't be of use to anyone else first. J x
  2. Hi all, Ok so I am in the UK and I have some of Dan's BP that I bought aaaages ago (it must be over a year now). I tried it twice but broke out in a rash both times, so it obviously doesn't agree with me. Anyway, I have just come across it again and I was wondering if it can go out of date or will it still be ok to use after all this time? If it is still ok I am happy to give it to anyone on here who would like it, but if not I'll just throw it away... J x
  3. Day 120 So with 5 days to go, I have the worst rash all over both of my arms. It is seriously itchy, sore and very hot to the touch. I decided to be safe and go to my GP, who has prescribed hydrocortisone cream for me to use. However, she told me to stop taking the roaccutane straight away too... I'm now sitting here wondering if I should do it or not. Her opinion is that 5 days won't make too much of a difference to the success of the course, but I'm really worried that I will set myself back
  4. It sure is my name! I wouldn't be any good under cover would I?! Well I use Viscotears dry eye gel now, but I needed something really moisturising because I had my eyes lasered a couple of years back which made them prone to dryness anyway. They are really good though, you can get them at the pharmacy counter in boots for about £4 (no prescription needed). Before the serious dryness set in I was using Blink Contacts Eye Drops (also available off the shelf in Boots) which were also really good.
  5. Thanks so much guys! I can't believe how quickly time has gone either, it doesn't seem like 4 months ago that I was asking everyone for advice on whether I should do this or not. I'm so glad I took the risk now (and thanks to you both for persuading me!) Quiescence - I just had a look at your log and your skin is looking amazing too! And it's great to hear you've not had a spot since you finished your course. That's something that worries me actually, as I've not reached my minimum dosage yet.
  6. Hey Roisin! First of all, well done on getting your prescription It took me till I was 26 to get mine (my acne started at around 19 - damn hormones!) and I actually think the waiting was the worst part. Anyway, I now I have 1 week to go until finish my 4 month course so I thought I'd share some of my experiences with you. Feel free to ignore as much as you like! So I think the main piece of advice I would give you is to start moisturising EVERYWHERE right from the very beginning. Even if you
  7. Day 113 Hi everyone! Wow it's been ages since I posted anything in here. Time really does fly by sometimes.... So I am on day 113 now which means I only have about a week to go! Woohoo! My face is looking AMAZING now, I am totally over the moon with how well this has worked, but it's kind of being overshadowed by the red itchy rash I have all over my arms, legs and neck I have been moisturising about 10 times a day but it's making no difference sadly. Has anyone got any ideas what I can try to
  8. Day 84 Hello everyone! Sorry I've been a bit quiet lately, I've been super busy with work. So I'm on day 84 now and I have 3 new actives as of yesterday Stupid things, they go away for ages and just as I get my hopes up, come back with a vengeance!! It almost seems like they plan it just to spite me...! Aside from that though, the rest of my face is looking pretty good. A lot of my red marks have cleared up almost completely (unless you look REALLY closely) and because of that everyone is tell
  9. Thanks guys, glad you like the title. I need to do something to entertain my spotty self during the day (that's what they're paying me for isn't it...?!) So I'm still waiting on the blood test results at the moment but hopefully not long to go now... Paul - I am starting to get quite excited now to be honest. I was looking at all the lovely make-up in House of Fraser on my lunch break today and I started thinking that maybe when I'm all done I'll actually get to go out and buy some of tha
  10. Hello everyone, and welcome to my roaccutane log As some people might already know from my previous posts, I am due to start a course of roaccutane next week (blood test permitting), and since my family are already sick of hearing me talk about it I have decided to start my own log so I can rabbit on about it as much as I like. I have really enjoyed reading everyone else's logs too, so hopefully mine might help other people who are going through the same thing as me... To give you a bit o
  11. Thanks makethatchange! I'm such a big wuss about stuff like this, but I'm also quite excited that I might finally get rid of the little beggars once and for all! I'll update again once I've started the treatment (blood test permitting).
  12. Hi all, I just thought I'd post a quick update to let you know that I had my appointment this morning and I have been prescribed a 4 month course of roaccutane. When I look at my skin today I am so shocked she prescribed it, but she did say she could see how bad it usually is from the marks on my face (despite the fact I only have 3 active cysts at the moment). She also said the photos really helped too, so if anyone is having the same issue it's definitely a good idea to take some along. So
  13. Hi Emily Thanks so much for your reply, and I'm sorry to hear you are having the same problems as me - it sucks doesn't it?! Yeah I'm thinking I will go to the appointment but take photos so he can see how bad it usually is. I have been worrying that he will laugh me out of the office when he sees how good my skin is right now, but I guess he will know I wouldn't have been referred unless it was really bad? Like you say, I don't have anything to lose by not going either... There is also a
  14. Hello everyone, Well this is probably the last thing I ever thought I'd be complaining about but here goes... I am 26 and have been suffering with cystic acne since I was about 19. Over the years I have tried every lotion/potion ever invented, I've had four different courses of antibiotics (two attempts at two different types - prescribed by different doctors), I've tried dianette and marvelon, and I have tried various versions of Dan's regimen with no lasting success. It has remained s