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  1. i am asian (indian subcontinent) brown complexion, i am a little over 6 months post op and i still have some redness. my skin tone is not back perfectly the way it was before dermabrasion, and my face is a different type of oily now ... cant explain it, but seems like my pores are a little larger where the skin was dermabraded. overall complexion is alrite now, the color change is not as bad as it was in the earlier months. just keep wearing the spf 45 and live ur life, there really is nothin
  2. Let me tell this straight and clear. It is not going to work. If you have are rich like some bill gates then forget about it and if you are not, hey then what the fuck are you living for. Just buy some alcohal or get some anaesthesia and just jump in the water. You would be happier that way. Sorry to say but feel this way. Better to die with honor rather than cringe away to death. I wonder why can't we form some suicide group or death pact and help each other get off the shore.??? Watcha say
  3. miss shady you must seek therapy instead of scar revision just my .02
  4. why do you want to go back if you had such horrible results?
  5. if he told you don't need them I'd take his word for it