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  1. Your situation sounds EXACTLY like what I am going through right while breastfeeding. Were you ever able to figure out a remedy to help with the low estrogen?
  2. I have finally found 2 great products that work wonderfully w/ the regimen and i thought I'd share in case anyone else is out there troubleshooting products like i had been 1. Botanics-(found in Target and Boots) Face defense moisture cream spf 15 -this stuff is great because it's made from natural plant extracts and has minimal chemical ingredients(active ing are avobenzone 3% and octinoxate4.5%) - it absorbs very well into skin after 10min or so I then gently blot with
  3. I wouldn't risk it...moisturizer and bp mixed is not a good combo in my opinion. It's not worth it, if it makes your skin break out! In the mean time (while you are waiting for your order)either use neutrogena on the spot or try cutting open the bottle you poured the bp into and see if it is just sitting on top of the moisturizer. You may be able to salvage some bp if it's not all mixed together w/ the moisturizer!
  4. Origins eye creams are wonderful! I love the one w/ ginseng it's called GinZing Refreshing eye cream and it really does help brighten and depuff tired eyes!
  5. my experience w/ this is that you are going to pay for it soon..drying out your skin too much is going to lead to irritation and eventually more break outs. I highly recommend you find a gentle oil free moisturizer and use it after the bp everyday. (purpose is a great moist. add a drop of jojoba oil and it will blend into your face easier) *remember to be gentle when applying the products. w/ the moisturizer i likee to spread it over my face lightly touching the skin then pat it in gently. I
  6. One more thing! Make sure you moisturize around your eyes w/ a cream that doesn't have the SA in it because the skin around eyes is very sensitive. Dab the moisturizer around your eyes before you apply the BP to protect the area from BP getting on it.
  7. So happy for you and your progress! I have a similar story, after a miscarriage and 2 children my skin was a mess. i found this site 3 months ago and have been using the regimen w/ great results. Believe me there were days that I wanted to quit, and at times i would have to stop for a night or two just to give my skin a break. There were also times i think i over used the BP and my skin was soooo dry and red, area around eyes especially dry. But, you just kind of learn how to alter the regim
  8. target brand "up & up" has a generic form of the olay complete original formula. it works great!!
  9. I am all for the no shrink wrap, in regards to the environment! However, the smaller size bp comes with a foil seal that covers the opening of the bottle under the cap. Why not just add this small step to all the products?
  10. i mix a drop of tea tree oil into about a quarter size of jojoba oil and massage it into my face every morning first thing for about 5 min, before cleansing.it's a gentle effective way to wake-up my skin..leaves me glowing and feeling fresh!
  11. AHA is a back and forth one for me too! For me the results have varied, sometimes it works great other times it seem to make my skin "purge" resulting in tiny white heads. I think it might be best to just lay off of it for now, stay on the regimen a bit longer and then give it another try. Maybe your skin will not be so sensitive after a few more months of the regimen.
  12. I agree.. Stick to it!! I am in my 3rd month and the results have been so amazing. I had very quick results w/ the regimen, then battled serious dryness and flaking (jojoba oil is heavenly) had a few breakouts mainly from irritation. But, I stuck with it and this month has proven to be the most dramatic..my skin is so clear and soft. i still deal w/ some dryness and cut back to once a day a couple times a week if i feel my skin needs a break. It is key to follow this regimen exactly.. Dan has
  13. Have you tried the regimen? I have a similar story to yours and have had amazing results in the last 2 months! I have done 2 cycles of Accutane about 10 years ago. It worked wonders but the acne came back after a year or so, and the side affects can be scary. The regimen is so simple and the side affects are almost none, just dry red skin for a short time. Being gentle on your skin is key. I think you are using too many different products i did that for years. I also used the az. acid cream and
  14. So happy to see your progress!! your pics show major improvement! I only wish i had discovered the regemin when i was 15! I have been battling acne for 10 years and just came across this website a few months ago. I have been on the regimen 2 months now and my skin has never looked better! Keep it up..and best of luck, with your skin and your running!
  15. I have been on the regimen 2 months or so... anyone have suggestions on a good moisturizing eye cream. The skin around my eyes is really dry eventhough I am careful not to get BP or moisturizer after BP near my eyes. The eye gel I bought(REALLY EXPENSIVE ) is burning when I apply it and doesn't seem to help moisturize. THANKS FOR ANY SUGGESTIONS!