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  1. for the UK users, just curious which manufacturer are you using? which manufacturer is good?
  2. hi TM!! just wanna ask...where can i buy the DML moisturizing lotion??? and how much is it? is it available in boots?? thanks. is it also effective in getting the flakes off?i need a lotion that will lost because the bnatural will only last me for 3 weeks and its quite expensive.thanks!
  3. i practically swear by quinoderm!! this is the first BP i bought here in UK..while i ordered Dans products. i started on aug 17 and i had the worse cystic acne esp on my forehead and cheeks... i looked like a monster on the first week because i had flakes all over and basically my face looked like it was sunburnt..and it eased on the second week and i am proud to say i am clear right now... by the way Dans BP arrived on the 2nd week but i had little pimples when i used it so i went back to quin
  4. i am sorry.. i dont have a log.its just that i am too busy to make a log..much more update it from time to time. i am dying because of the flakes and dry skin. i am really lost. my make up wont sit and i have to wake up 2 hours before i go to work because my skin is peeling and i have to do ways to make myself presentable to work. urgggghhhhh!!! im on my second week and things have been better. i never thought i will be on my way to clear skin but knock on wood...i dont have cysts right now..
  5. hello!! i wish u the best!! keep on updating!! i will be following ur log closely!! im on my 2nd week and i am just peeling all over and supahhhh dryyyy!!! i also have cystic acne...like some that u have...hopefully we will both be clear!! il b here 2 support u! im in UK=) 26 yrs old..stopped birth control and everything went downhill from there!=)
  6. hi clarky....thank u for the fast reply. r u clear right now??? how will u classify ur acne?moderate? i got moderate acne but then they are cysts... when did it take for you to clear up?? this sucks but i will believe in the regimen.ive got nothing to lose. so i better do this right. thank u so much!!! =) and yes my dryness and being flaky is also concentrated on my jawline and my chin...and beside my mouth. =) thanks!!=)
  7. hello there.. i am also on week one... and i am purging with cysts and pimples galor.to add to that.my skin is soooo dry...so rough and all. and i feel red...i am just sooo ugly with all these stuff... when u say get better?? when will it get better. i dont have any other option..because i stopped the pill and i dont want to get into that ever ever again..so i am left with the regimen and i must believe that I will get better. my skin is just sooo dry and blahhhhhh!! i too am using quinoderm 5%
  8. hi guys i have been following this thread..also took dianette on and off for 4 years...figured out that i am tired of all the fake hormones plus i know its not good to take it for a long time...i stopped taking it december of 2009 and my face is just a mess. and its almost 7 months and i am experiencing the worse breakout ever. so just wanna let u know that i will be following this thread and will see if anyone can get an answer for post bcp acne. because it really lowers ur self esteem and i a
  9. hi gemmalee I feel so lucky. i contacted my dermatologist back in asia. she is the one who administers my steroid injections to my cysts. She is willing to prescribe it for me and sell it to me. I can administer it myself since I am a nurse. And I also know the side effects of using to much cortisone injections to acne. She is willing to sell me a whole vial..for the low low price of 100 pounds per vial ( it is cheaper in Asia) It can go a long way. 1 vial can last 5 months to 1 year. I am just
  10. hey pgh01 hey how r ur results with saw palmetto...i also have cystic acne and i badly need a cure..is it still working until now? =) pls reply
  11. hi gemmalee..pls help me...do u know of a private doctor? not the NHS because my cyst would have healed already and i wont still be able to find a GP. if he is in london..its ok...i need to have this cyst injected.thanks!!b=)
  12. hi there.. just transferred to UK. and this is my problem right now. I badly want to get cortisone injections and I seem lost.. how could this country not offer it? back home...i could just pop in to my dermatlogists clinic and say i wanna have injections and there you go..swelling subsides the day after and I am a happy woman. cortisone injections are the only thing that works for my mild BUT cystic acne. i dont get small ones...i get the really big ones...which could last for weeks! if anyone
  13. my life also went downhill eversince i stopped taking diane 35. i dont know what 2 say but my acne is different.its like 2-3 pimples grouped into clusters.anyone have this before...it starts with one tiny pimple and over the next 2-3 days..it will grow in size and if you look at it closely.it is like 2-3 pimples being put together.its so weird!!! i dont even know how to describe it and it lasts for weeks and weeks. the only thing able to stop it is cortisone injection. but i moved here in UK and
  14. hello..i know ur scared but let me tell you.."knock on wood" im pretty pretty clear of cystic pimples right now. i can say that i am happy..but not that much since im getting eczema at the back of my ear! weird place!!! but i can handle it. i just put moisturizer on it and not scratch it. its really up to you. it is your body. i pray that u will make the right decision. i can handle the side effects. as long as i dont get those horrific pimples again. =)
  15. hey!! im sooo happy too that i found ur blog!! finally someone i can relate to. same here! i too am scared to go back on the pill than go on accutane. i really really told myself that i would rather die than go back on the pill. i am also concerned because i am turning 27 this year and i have a boyfriend of 5 years...u know getting married and stuff. i cant afford to stop the pill during the time when i will be getting married and get a horrible breakout plus getting pregnant and worrying about