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  1. So after months of tracking my cycle and my acne....I've noticed a significant correlation between my cycle and when I experience the severe breakouts accompanied by lots of inflammation, redness, and a few cysts. I experience PMS the week before my period....this is when I see the first batch of severe breakouts...the next one comes when I get my period. Basically the day after I conclude my period my face begins to show significant signs of improvement...less overall redness, less inflammation
  2. Weird thing for me is though, that when I do consume something like ice cream I definitely do not get a feeling of pleasure or happiness....I actually get depressed. What do you think this could mean in terms of how my body processes dairy or sugar for that matter? Or do you think its just because I give myself such a guilt trip during and after the consumption of this food that leads to the depression immediatly after consuming it?
  3. What I bought was refridgerated and does not specify whether it was pasteurized or not. I bought it at my local health food store. Nice, it was probably the real deal then. Is it Bubbies sauerkraut by chance? yes! thats it! Great! Have you tried it before? I still have not tried it yet as I'm not sure what to eat it with or serve it on and so forth. And today I'm sick so I don't think I could stomach it.
  4. I swear, ever since I switched to a healthier diet...no dairy and no meat with limited processed foods.....foods that are less than perfect make me sick. Seriously, I had sourdough french toast today (no dairy), but yes I know it had sugar and eggs, but I am still literally sick to my stomach still and now I'm getting a headache. Anytime I try to eat something out of the ordinary for me I get sick like this....naueous for hours after consumption...so nauseous that I can't even eat anything. Has
  5. Well, since I'm a girl with acne I don't pay any attention to it....probably because I'm paying way too much attention to my own acne problem. Sorry I have no idea what girls with clear skin feel about this though as I've had acne for 10 years...I'm 22 now. So yeah.
  6. What I bought was refridgerated and does not specify whether it was pasteurized or not. I bought it at my local health food store.
  7. I don't know if any others have any other problems regarding their digestive system, and I have no idea if mine is in any way related. But just for informational purposes, I was diagnoised with borderline gallbladder disease. They refered to it as borderline because thats how it was projected on the gallbladder test....to be borderline malfunctioning something like that. That was back in 2007. Basically I get gallbladder attacks after eating certain foods..before when I ate dairy daily back in 2
  8. Thanks for replying. Tomorrow I will be giving it a try, I hope I like it. I tried a vegan kim chi, but could not stand the taste. So I hope its nothing like that, of course I know it probably won't have the kick kim chi does.
  9. Instead of waiting for a company to invent a new product to treat our problem....I would much prefer our society get more serious about researching the cause and cure to end our suffering once and for all.
  10. Exactly, I am very thankful for this site as I know no one around me that even has mild acne. So I feel very isolated in my fight against it. And like you I stay home all the time often feeling pressured to get a job, but at the same time feel as though there is no way someone will hire me because of how bad my acne looks. They will only hire me if I where make-up that doesn't look disgusting...which isn't the case and I don't want to wear make-up because that only makes the problem worse...and
  11. I think you misread my post. Both my parents had acne, just never to the extent of mine. Nobody else in my family ever had it besides them and my dad had at least one sister who had it. Other than that none of my grandparents did...not even mildly. I can understand why I have acne...I just don't understand why it is different from my parents....why is it so much worse and why has it persisted longer than any of theirs has? Thats what doesn't make sense to me and makes me questions just how big o
  12. Well, I went out and bought some sauerkraut, but still have no idea what to eat it with....and I've never even had it before. The only meat I eat now is Fish and I'm only aware of people consuming kraut on like hot dogs. So any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  13. Has anyone had much luck with fermented foods such as sauerkraut or kefir? I heard that sauerkraut is very helpful with acne and am wondering if this is true. I am considering including it in my diet. Also I've seen at my local health food store coconut kefir which is also fermented. Should I give it a try? Has anyone else tried kefir for their acne? Also if you do eat sauerkraut how do you eat it...like on or with what? Thanks for all the advice and comments in advance!
  14. Yes I have, but am very very reluctant. I just feel the risks and possible side effects greatly outweigh and benefits that are necessarily guarunteed. If I'm going to take a drastic measure such as that it better be the end of my acne and never come back. If it is not a 100% guaruntee I'm not going to risk the possible psychological side effects and as many on here have complained the hair loss and so forth that persists after ending treatment. Its just not an option for me as my family has a lo