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  1. i agree with Frida....i also never heard of any derm prescribing accutane alongwith laser treatment as accutane slows down the healing process
  2. i just had my first session of fraxel few days back and the results are amazing,i had some deep scars as well as red marks and i can see a lot of improvement,i am very happy with the results
  3. i don't think so that ice pick scars can be treated using home remedies,you should better talk to your derm about your options to get these scars removed and don't waste your money on things which don't give you maximum results
  4. i just want know that which oil should be used for fading acne marks,bio oil/jojoba oil/emu oil/tea tree oil????????????
  5. okay so u r suggesting mixing cucumber and lemon juice together and apply on the face or u're talking about applying both the juices separately at different times of the day????? thanks for the suggestion though
  6. i am currently on accutane and it has helped me get rid of my pimples,i am on my 3rd month now...but these red acne marks and a few pitted scars are making my life miserable.I feel that even after getting rid of acne,m now stuck with these stupid scars so now i want to know how to fade them using natural products should i use raw honey or yogurt or lemon or olive oil or cucumber juice????or can i use all of them at different times of the day,i would really appreciate any reply,do lemme know if a
  7. try applying juice of lemon and cucumber on your red marks,It improved my scars a lot.I'm also applying duac gel on my scars and they are fading now =D
  8. Sahru, hope you're doing great!

  9. nice to hear that .... my acne is fading after using the regimen..but i still have red marks

  10. hey!!!!m doing very well now =) thanks,you tell????

  11. hello... how is my friend doing?

  12. sahru

    Day 56 on accutane

    I didn't get a chance to write for quite many days as i was busy in my studies..... Today is my 56th day on accutane and there has been a remarkable improvement in my skin.I have no active pimple.My red marks are fading and my skin looks much better now.I see no imperfection now when i wear makeup.I was quite hopeless before as i had sooooooooo many pimples all over my face before but i guess accutane really works.... I am also applying lemon and cucumber juice on my red marks.I guess this mix
  13. ohhhh don't worry karen!!!u're making such a good progress with your skin.I'm sure u'll be fine pretty soon so dun panic
  14. hey karen!!!didn't you get my messages????

  15. Hope you are doing great! Speak to you soon. x