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  1. I was in the same situation as you pretty much clear using Panoxyl 2.5% , Jojoba and moisturizer. I switched to Dans regimen for a few reasons. 1. It was put together by someone who truly cares and has had acne not some corporation out to make a buck 2. The BP that Dan has when applied properly drys completely clear no white lines around the hairline of dry BP 3. The fash was is awesome and works well 4.The moisturizer is just right and not too greasy or makes you break out. 5. Lastly the AHA
  2. I'd still look for something that is close to 100% whey protein (which after searching is hard to find). I do make smoothies but I dont see you guys adding anything green to the mix, try adding spinach or celeary to your mixes trust me it will help.
  3. I've used Panoxyl in the past and trust me the 10% is way too harsh on anyones skin I would stay with 5% or 2.5%. I was using Panoxyl found at WalGreens before switching to the Acne.org BP and regimen and to be honest this regimen blows away the Panoxyl.
  4. I have found that the AHA that is sold on this site stops the swelling and eliminates the cyst. I was getting them bad along the hairline and during face washing if I felt one I would do the regimen and apply a dab of the AHA directly to the area and the next day the swelling was gone.
  5. Thanks a month or so ago I would of had some major hesitation about posting pictures, now I need to do something about my sinus problem and I'm ready for GQ-HEHEHE
  6. That would be great and sorry about the picture attachements I move all my pictures to photobucket to keep my picture section clear on my computer as I use it for work (Im a Lisc Real Estate Appraiser)
  7. Here are some pictures I just took. I did the regimen this morning at 7am, it is now 9:40pm so my face is getting a little oily but nothing like before. Getting ready to repeat the regimen in a bit
  8. Your story sounds very similar to mine at your age I wish this product was out then. If you read my first thread posted on here you will see me mention how oily my skin is and I believe that is the cause of my breakouts. This regimen will stop the breakouts, it will not make your skin 100% oil free but the oil that does come out through during the day does not cause breakouts and its about 75% less oily then before. I lift weights, run and bike, paintball, etc. Trust me you dont want to go b
  9. Hello everyone. I'm 36 years old and have suffered with acne and severe oily skin since I was 13. As you've read from others I've tried it all in a pill and a bottle. A month ago I ordered the regimen including the AHA and JoJoba oil. My skin is the type that not 10 minutes after a shower my entire forhead and nose is super oily which I know is the root cause of my breakouts. This past weekend is the first time in 20+ years that I have not had any new breakouts (well a few on my back but I a