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  1. I struggled with acne for years wanting to wear a paper bag over my head...i went to the dermatologist who prescribed everything under the sun...in 2009 I spent over $1000 on prescriptions even tho I have insurance and only pay $10 a bottle! Well I have been on the regimen since November of last year and stopped taking all the pills then (4 pills). My face is totally clear. Not a spot. crazy! I went to the dermatologist for the first time since November this week for an unrelated issue and he wa
  2. I am a twenty five year old female and I have the same problem! I don't know what is causing it...I do lift weights...because my job requires it...and im sure I am having hormonal issues because of my age but geesh! I started doing Dan's regimen and it is working pretty well on my neck...still a little broken out on my jaw line tho...I wear a collared shirt at work and I was wondering if maybe that is causing it??? I just keep hoping that since it started on my forhead a long time ago and has no
  3. I have been on the regimen for four weeks...I use clean and clear face wash followed by BP followed by Burts Bees or Aveno lotion in both the am and pm...the part I have the most trouble with is the twelve hours apart because I usually dont do my face in the am till I get done at the gym which is at like 11 and I go to bed fairly early like around nine so that part is hard. The acne on my neck is gone which is awesome but I just started getting these weird little red bumps on my nose and along m
  4. be careful adding vitamins or anything to the Erythro it might make you sick again. I tried it but only lasted a day because of how sick it made me...apparently im allergic.
  5. having your hair hangin on your forehead might be makin it worse...the oil from your hair plus heat, sweat, and grime are all trapped under your bangs rubbin around on your forehead all day plus if your continually push your hair around on your head like i do the your dirty hand is rubbin your head too. I know it will be hard but try changing your hair...you can always grow it back. Did u try the regimen (wash. BP. lotion.) on this site yet? I have only been at it for two weeks but it is making
  6. I miss feeling happy to see my boyfriend...i know he loves me but Im still embarassed and wonder what he will think. I wonder if he thinks its gross and I wonder if he doesnt want to kiss me. I wish for the day that I can go past a mirror without getting tears in my eyes. I miss feeling confident. Its strange...you can be in great shape, have long blonde hair, nice white teeth, nice eyes, a beautiful smile, a happy personality, or whatever your thing is and suddenly none of it matters when you
  7. ha ha one time I was talking to my mom on the phone and was telling her how crappy i felt about my skin and she was telling me she thought it looked better...i almost started to believe her till I walked into AMPM and the lady at the counter ( who was an adult who should know better) said "Oh my gosh you are having an allergic reaction on your face! well at least she didnt scream "You have acne" I guess...
  8. try the jojoba oil rub and mask that is descibed on this site... somewhere. basically you wash your face with jojoba to get rid of the dead skin. you pour some in your hand like a face wash amount and start rubbing it in like a face massage. not too hard but firm. then after like three or four minutes all the dead skin starts sloughing off just keep going dont rinse the dead stuff off right away because yes although it is gross it helps exfoliate the rest off. Dont over rub it tho you will know
  9. Just fyi you said that you think its weird that your cheeks get broken out even tho thats not where you are the most oily. My doc told me that the breakouts I get in some places were because my face was too dry in those places and my body was over compensating for it and making an overdose of oil so I stopped washing my face three times a day and now do only two times...this may be what you are experiencing...just thought it might help.
  10. So my job is fairly high stress not to mention lucky me gets to work at night...anybody have any tips on anything to help acne in this situation? I have tried sitting in the sun for twenty minutes when I wake up and that helps a little...and I take vitamin D not really sure if that helps. Any ideas?
  11. I know its a terrible thought but I stopped wearing make up and that pretty much eliminated all my blackheads and little bumps... but stopping the make up is no easy task. If you can do even just some days that will probably help u. I just wear mascara and blush now and my skin is clear except one little spot but the dryness and cakey feeling of the makeup is gone which is awesome. Try it just a little like only wear make up when u have school or a date or something but then leave it off the oth
  12. I take the pills along with the BP because I think the pills got rid of the nodules before I ever started the BP thing so I dont want to quit those because Im afraid the nodules will come back like they were before. They are gone completely now with the exception of one stubborn one on my neck however that one is really small and you cant even see it I just know it is there:(
  13. Hey Im new to the regimen as well but before I started it my dermotologist put me on Spirolactone or something like that...its a little white pill that is supposed to reduce the level of testosterone because apparently what causes female adult acne. It really helped with that weird nodule acne that for some reason a started getting really bad just below my jawline on my neck...really embarassing. I stopped taking all the other pills he put me on when I started the regimen except that one because