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  1. butterflywings

    Hormonal acne?

    Most of my acne is hormonal acne due to my thyroid being out of whack. It is causing me to break out with whiteheads and cysts all along on chin. Any recs for supplements or creams that may help?
  2. Any tips on on how to cover big, red pimples that also have dry peeling skin around them? In my attempt to shrink them, my skin is now very dry and peeling in those areas. Are there any special techniques that I should use so it doesn't look caked on when I try covering them up?
  3. butterflywings

    Generic versions of Spiro

    Is there a difference with the different generic versions of Spiro? I had my prescription filled at CVS and the Spiro pills I received looked much different than the ones I received from Walgreens.
  4. butterflywings

    Foundation 911

    I am still trying to find my HG of foundations, powders, and concealers. The MUFE line is pretty good. I also like Sonia Kashuk tinted moisturizer for evening out the redness.
  5. butterflywings

    Sulfate-free shampoos

    Any recs for a sulfate-free shampoo?
  6. butterflywings

    Air Brushing Makeup

    I ended up returning the Dinair system. I just couldn't get the hang of it. I'm still waiting on my refund...It's been 3 weeks.
  7. butterflywings

    Best Way to Apply Foundation?

    I've been playing around with both a brush and sponge for stippling. I don't know which one I prefer yet. The brush gives better coverage but I think the sponge makes the makeup look more natural. Ugh..I wish I could hire someone to do my makeup for me very day!
  8. butterflywings

    Best Way to Apply Foundation?

    Today I couldn't even get my makeup to look half way decent! Everything just sunk into my pores and looked awful. I think I washed my face 3 times and tried redoing my makeup. Nada. Sill looked awful. I can't figure out how some days my makeup looks good and other days (most days) it looks visible and blah.
  9. butterflywings

    Holy crap!!!!!

    I've been using this for the last week and I have noticed a slight difference already. My skin is not as red as it used to be.
  10. butterflywings

    Best Way to Apply Foundation?

    Does the Monistat break you out at all?
  11. butterflywings

    Best Way to Apply Foundation?

    When you stipple, do you go in an upward or downward motion?
  12. butterflywings

    Ask anything about products!

    I need a recommendation for a primer that works for oily and dry dehydrated skin. I am currently using Peter Roth Unwrinkle Primer and it is nothing spectacular but very darn $$$.
  13. butterflywings

    Best Way to Apply Foundation?

    What is the best way to apply foundation so it covers up redness and acne but still looks natural? For example, I see celebrities who have such flawless makeup and I can't even come close to applying my foundation like that at all. I'm currently using 2 foundations, depending upon my skin needs for that day: Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet Plus and Make Up For Ever HD Foundation. These foundations are supposed to be full cover but my flaws still show through. I'm thinking my application needs work
  14. butterflywings

    I think I found my HG of foundations

    That is just a small listing of what I have tried, lol! I didn't care for Revlon Colorstay because it was too mask like on me. It also emphasized fine lines and wrinkles on me.
  15. What about using a luminizer lotion to give you a glow?