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  1. Speaking of the FDA, they do not regulate the cosmetic industry either. 98% of the skin care products out there are mineral oil based. Why, because it's cheap...5 cents a gallon. Mineral oil has been termed a carcinogen by the World Health Organization. It comes off the tankers as crude oil, refined down to gasoline, refined further to vasloline, even further to mineral oil. I don't care how refined it is, it's still a petrol chemical. There's no mystery here. It is also an Occlusive oil.
  2. Yes Terry! There is an answer! If everyone would just become a label reader and/or research the ingredients in their products, they would find the culprit to so many skin problems! It's MINERAL OIL! There is no doubt in my mind that the product you are using has this occlusive, petrol based oil. Mineral oil is "saran wrap" on your skin. the molecular structure is too big to penetrate, thus clogging your pores and literally leaching moisture from your skin. There's no mystery here. This i