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  1. Thanks man, I hope they don't delete it either as it's primary purpose is to help folliculitis, acne, and skin disorder sufferers. On raw milk... if you do a little digging you might be able to find some. I linked this in my blog but here its again http://www.realmilk.com/where3.html#nj Milk in jersey.
  2. I am a sufferer who is 95%, on the road to 100% clear.. here's where I have been and what I am doing. *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules that you agreed to when you signed up here. Feel free to start a blog on acne.org; linking to your own in posts is against the rules. Feel free to link to your blog in your profile. No where else. Thanks.*
  3. I am a sufferer who is 95%, on the road to 100% clear.. here's where I have been and what I am doing. http://healingfolliculitis.blogspot.com
  4. Hey man don't quit the colostrum. Mine definitely got worse but 4 weeks later it is looking much better. I am not completely clear but the colostrum has improved my skin alot and I get alot more energy from it. Give it at least 4 weeks, start slow. It's worth it. What brand were you using and how much were you taking? I found splitting the doses, 3g in the morning, 3g at night lessened any intial breakout.
  5. I havent posted here but I often read this log. The problem with ZC is it doesnt really take care of the problem, just the symptoms. There were 2 or 3 people that left that forum due to their candida issues not healing well on ZC. Once you go ZC, all that gut bacteria that digests carbs dies, so of course when you re-introduce carbs you have a problem again. Their are plenty of posts on curezone from people that have successfully gotten rid of candida on both the candida diet as well
  6. can we get an update? how is everyone doing?
  7. thanks for the replies. yeah that turtle mountain kefir as some pretty nasty ingredients. if i'm going that route i'd make my own. i'll take a few weeks off of the kefir and add in some goat kefir in about 3 weeks and see how i do.
  8. I am coming to the conclusion that dairy is a primary trigger in my mild acne, and that if I cut it out then I would be clearer. Specifically cheese and yogurt. But this summer I had kefir and butter almost everyday, and very very small amount of mozzerella cheese sometimes with little to no acne. Has anyone cut out even butter? What are peoples experiences like with kefir and are you sensitive to other dairy? I am very reluctant to cut out butter because it is a staple of my diet ( panu,