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  1. I took MethylPREDNIsolone tablets for 6 days, because i had an allergy.As far as i know this is some kind of steroid. I just finished it on Wednesday, BUT i developed acne on my face. When is it going to go away?Can i do something to speed up the process? Thanks
  2. Believe it or not, that's because you sleep most of the time turned to the left and the pillow is rubbing your cheek. I always have more acne on the right side of my face because i sleep turned to the right most of the time.
  3. I just bought Vitamin D3 and I'll start taking it. Is there difference between D and D3 ?
  4. The interesting fact is that nobody of my family had acne before ... i asked my parents, my grandparents but nobody had.
  5. Hi. I have a lot of friends who had acne light/moderate/severe. I noticed that at some certain age the acne just ... goes away by itself without any antibiotics, creams and so on. Probably thats the age when we grow from boys to man. The age when a lot of facial hair starts to grow. My question is - do you have friends (or you ) who had the same issue. I mean - what's the age when this transformation happens, because i am 20 years old and I still have acne problems. It's a fact that the percent
  6. Hi guys. I have acne problems from my 15th age till now (20) For 5 years i did a lot of research and i've tried almost everything. I ended up with a strange conclusion- every winter november-march (especially december and january) my skin is awful, looks like severe acne. My face has a lot of whiteheads, papules,pustules, zits ... everything, everywhere. When spring comes my skin goes better and better and in summer i have no acne or just scars and no more than 2-3 zits per week. Why do you thin
  7. I notices that the Cleanser doesn't have BP in it. The only thing it does is- making your skin really dry. I stopped using it. Instead of it i just wash my face with hot water then apply treatment then apply moisturize. I am happy with the results for now but my question- is that right ? Can someone explain me what exactly is the purpose of the cleanser and is it crucial if i skip this part ?
  8. I don't even feel the dry and "tight" effect This is because before Dan regiment i used BP 10% face wash and 10% gel. They almost burnt my skin. Now when i switched to 2.5% it's a piece of cake. I don't even have to use the moisturizer
  9. Hi all. I use 10% benzyl peroxide face wash (PanOxyl) than i put Clean and Clear 10% benzyl peroxide Persa gel. It works really good for me but my skin got so dry. Because of that i decided to get Clean and Clear dual moisturizer as a third step . Up to now it is ok but i have the feeling that the moisturizer kind of removes the benzyl peroxide. If i use only the first 2 creams i feel my skin really tight . When i but the moisturizer i feel like the effect of benzyl peroxide is no more. The