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    Hey guys my names Zach, I'm from the suburbs in Virginia but I belong in the city.
  1. Hey everyone! After many failed treatments, including the acne.org regimen, Doxycicline, retin a, Bactrim, epiduo, differen, and countless OTC products I was officially prescribed accutane this morning to clear up my moderately severe face and shoulder acne. Some history about me, bad acne runs in my family, my dad had severe face and body acne as a kid and took accutane in 1982 as soon as it came out. I started breaking out at around 14. I'm 16 now (turn 17 in about a month), stand about 6" 1'
  2. yeah I found my face was really red and irritated on epiduo, I found taking nights off helped, as well as moisturizer. I did really notice a nice improvement in skin tone, but I just don't think it was a strong enough treatment for me.
  3. Wow its been a while! I've gotten so caught up in summer I forgot about my log! Well anyway my face hadn't gotten any better in the 2 months I was on Bactrim and Epiduo. Last week my mom called once again and bitched at them and was finally able to get me an appointment for today. (Boy I was proud of her, I sometimes think she's a bit of a pushover but she gave them the business!) Long story short they finally are putting me on Accutane!!! My derm. said as soon as she walked in that I was a good
  4. I'm leaving tomorrow morning for a leadership thingy called "Boy State", gonna be interesting how my skin behaves at it, with it being extremely hot and myself being busy. I'm just as broken out as ever. I'm more of just looking at the remainder of the summer as a wait until I can get accutane.
  5. okay so my mom (unprompted) called the dermatologist today and inquired when this Bactrim is going to start working, since she's so concerned about my senior pictures (but I'm not sure if she really gets that I don't give a rats ass about pictures, that I want clear skin for normal things like school), and they gave her the same "give it three months" bull that they gave at my appointment. And then my mom was like well we haven't seen any sort of improvement, maybe even worse, and they still sai
  6. wow I haven't updated in a long time! I've been really busy with final exams and such -_- As for the status of my skin, my skin is looking better, but it really has only gone back to the point before I started Bactrim when I was on the regimen, I still break out frequently, but my breakouts clear up a bit faster. Such a bummer, but at least its the summer now and I don't have all the self-conscientiousness of going to school.
  7. my parents are hugely supportive in most of my endeavors, whether it be my music, sports or education. however, I really don't think my parents get it with acne.
  8. hey man good luck! post some pics so you can track your progress!
  9. hey man I gotta check up on you too! Since we've started within a few weeks we should keep track of eachother =D yeah not sure if you read all my posts, but I just a had a sports physical last week and I asked my GP about Bactrim, and she said its not usually recommended for treatment of acne, but is usually stronger and more effective for some than the -cycline family. my dermatologist said I can take Bactrim whenever I want during the day, just be consistent with it. She also said I don't ne
  10. just one, and I usually take it in the evening our afternoon, usually 5ish right before dinner. thanks for the encouragement, its been hard to keep being on this treatment, especially since the regimen worked a hell of a lot better than this.
  11. pics of week 3, after a shower. all I can say is ewwwwww. looking at these makes me want to just break down. This is in really harsh bathroom lighting after a warm shower so it looks worse than usual, but still.
  12. from my personal experience I do think it prolongs red marks, additionally I think bp makes your face red to start with.
  13. week tres still incredibly broken out, perhaps worse than ever before. I'm not sure if this is some kind of purging or Ib, or simply just how my skin looks when not being treated with an effective treatment. I'll take some pics tonight after I shower.
  14. thanks for the check up!! totally know what you mean, not only does one spot mean the initial bump and inflammation, but then a month of redness around the area, even if I dont pick at all. yeah I couldn't believe how much the epiduo was, 290 dollars out of pocket if you didn't have insurance, outrageous, especially because I can get a friggin massive thing of BP here for like $15. and also agreed, I wonder why they haven't come out with some kind of vaccine or other cure for acne, I me
  15. I have tried over several weeks, with abstaining from masturbation several distinct times, and found I broke out with similar frequency as when I did regularly. But masturbation and sex are essential to a healthy being, so I really don't think you should worry about it.