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  1. 1. It works for me. 2. You hear mix reviews about everything. 3. B complex isnt enough of B5 to see a result IMHO. 4. Pills don't mean anything, measure by the dosage. I take 5g of B5 daily and 80mg zinc.
  2. I apply it straight on and it doesnt leave my skin dry.
  3. You don't want to use it because the instant your body becomes immune to it, the more acne you will have. This is what happened in my case and its very common.
  4. No he's not insane. The chemicals all over the food today takes down the nutritional value incredibly. They say you'd have to eat 5 apples to get the nutritional value of 1 today.
  5. Yes I do and it helps heal your existing zits faster.
  6. Ok, one out of how many back then? Oh my god!! I so agree with you. Even though that I don't eat much of organic foods. People don't realise the bad stuff (all the toxins) in the ordinary food and the pressure this adds onto our liver, causing more breakouts - will be changing my diet very soon Glad you agree.
  7. Great post. When you have an alkaline body, you will rarely get sick or have an illness. You're post pretty much agrees with mine: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=78369 Again, good info.
  8. You aren't big on history are you? Never read about Julius Caesar's son? No I'm not, care to inform me?
  9. You also can't forget a surplus of calories is needed if your trying to bulk. Too many rookies focus on largeb amounts of protein, but the ody also needs surplus calories to grow.
  10. Thats why you have cheat days once or twice a week.
  11. Wow someones insecure. But to make you feel a little more confident, think about the acne marks you don't see because of makeup. She still knows their there.
  12. I try to avoid it as much as possible, but if im out with friends or in town I live my life.
  13. Wow, what a great informative post! Thanks for registering! :dance:
  14. I agree, good post. Hey thanks man.
  15. Notice how you always see people asking, will this energy drink cause acne, well how about this candy bar. Do you notice that you never hear someone asking will this apple cause acne? Because it won't. Its natural, and there are minimal to no added chemicals in them (if organic). We are being led to believe that science, with the help of chemicals is good for us. The truth is, it's not. Do you see people 200 years ago with acne? I don't. Now am I actually telling you to eat nothing but organ
  16. Finally a wonderful post I can't bash. Many props to you.
  17. Cigs are man made toxics, and toxics are not good for the body period. Let's put it this way, it probably doesn't cause your acne but it definately doesn't help it.
  18. Because everyone is different and their is not once cause to acne.
  19. Loads of water and Vitamin C will speed the process, also most of it will heal during sleep. So make sure your getting your beauty sleep.
  20. You'd pay one million dollars to get Cancer then if you had clear skin?
  21. I've heard a lot about cleansing your Candida, what exactly is it and how is a cleanse performed?
  22. Your an idiot. Your telling people to change their pillowcases, as if dirt or germs causes acne. How many people sleep on the same pillowcase each night and how many have acne, not that much. You my friend, are an idiot. I'm an idiot am I? Well, if I'm an idiot for telling people to change their pillow cases...maybe you'd like to read.... >http://www.beautyriot.com/article.php?id=1705&c_id=8 Every night your face is pressed up against a breeding ground of bacteria created by
  23. Have you ever thought your boyfriend likes you for other reasons? Ah yes, its possible for us guys to like you girls for other reasons besides sexual attraction. Maybe your very intelligent, or are rich, who knows! Good luck with your self esteem.
  24. Yes, bad experiences. I really dont think rubbing alcohol is good for your face, cause it will end up drying your face really bad and it srtips out all your oils, so that will actually cause your face to produce even more oil wich could trigger more acne. It will dry your face and strip it of all the oil but that doesn't cause your hormones to kick into turbo mode and produce more oils.