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  1. Hello good people! I've just popped on after what feels like a life time of inactivity and thought I'd just put a message out there. I'm one of the numerous people who have used accutane and never returned because I've moved on from insecurity and misery, and now focus on my life. It's amazing to wake up and not be scared to look in the mirror! I tried EVERYTHING to fix my skin the 'natural' way but nothing worked. I don't say this lightly like some people might say. I literally spent
  2. Thanks, it's definitely another success story. I can't even re-read this log now as the change in myself makes me cringe when I read. It has SUCH a mental effect on a person it's unbelievable, you can't see past acne at all, it consumes you and it's ALL you think about!! I envy the folks that have never had to worry about it, it's a seriously lonely problem. At least it is when you're a stubborn man who won't confide in anybody lol! Thank f*** for the regimen
  3. yay - a picture!!

  4. Around 6 months in Happy to say the regimen is working a treat for me, as I knew it would. Took a while but I think it's because I have it stubborn and I require an AHA as well as the BP to see results. So maybe if I'd added it in sooner I'd have gotten results quicker! Red marks are fading nicely and spots are very infrequent and die alot faster now! I am by no means perfection but I don't have it on my mind anymore as I'm happy with how I look and that's the main thing isn't it! Without this
  5. awesome :)

    How is your battle going? x

  6. just down the road in carmarthen! x

  7. yo, yeah I am, swansea, u? x

  8. are you from Wales by any chance??

  9. Almost 5 months in! Acne is greatly reduced, get the odd spot here and there but they disappear ALOT faster than before! Red marks are fading slowly, I am already really happy with the way I look now so once the red marks are gone I will look damn good, lol What a difference not having acne makes! I actually got a painful spot a week or 2 ago and it made me feel terrible for the short time it was there, thankfully the painful spots are VERY rare now, but it just goes to show how quickly I forg
  10. Day 101 Damn, has it been that long! Well I have adjusted to this new moisturiser now and my face is no longer red as hell when I use it. I do however find it dries after a few hours and my face feels tight and flakes. I'm hoping with time and adjusting my BP amount this will stop happening. Anyway, skin is looking alot better, the AHA is doing wonders for keeping these lumps from forming and I think I am on the way to having a face that doesn't repulse me in the slightest, lol. I am starting t
  11. Struggling at the moment, it's been about a week and a half since I started using this new moisturiser with AHA and my skin is constantly red now. I am hoping it's just a phase my skin is going through while adjusting to it, but I'm flaking badly too, I can't go a couple of hours without my face turning into a flake field Might go back to just using Dan's AHA if it doesn't improve. But then that gives me the problem of sun sensitivity as it doesn't have SPF like this moisturiser does! Grrrrr! N
  12. 3 Months in! Ok I've hit the heralded 3 month mark now at last, and I have to say I've improved BUT only since I've added in AHA! The new moisturiser I have includes it as well as sunscreen and seems to be having a profound effect! I would go as far as to say AHA is most DEFINITELY a required element of the regimen! My face is by no means perfect yet, but I am not getting any massive spots at the moment and my face is generally looking alot better! I'm very hopeful that by summer I will be loo
  13. Thanks for your great encouragement Crystal, it is much appreciated I am actually feeling a little bit relieved having done some research and am hopeful I have found the reason why the regimen worked so much better the last time. I'm pretty sure it was the AHA in the moisturiser I was using, none of the moisturisers I'm currently using are worth a damn in my opinion. However, I just noticed in the 'other recommendations' for moisturisers on the main website, the 'Neutrogena healthy skin face lo
  14. Day 65 Still got some large active lumps on my face. Not looking my best by any means. I have also developed a few large spots on my back. I'm convinced it's down to the whey based protein shakes I started taking around the time I started back on the regimen. I never took them while off the regimen because I know my skin doesn't like them, but spots are popping through and I'm getting eczema. So I'm now discontinuing them and replacing them with rice and hemp protein shakes. Hopefully this will