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  1. Thanks everyone! I think i'll try the Auqaphor.
  2. I've been on Accutane for about 3 weeks now & the only side effect i'm having so far is extremely dry lips! I've been using regular medicated chapstick but it doesn't seem to be helping at this point.. My lips are so dry & cracked that it hurts to smile sometimes! Anyone know any good chapsticks/moisturizers that i can use? Thanks!
  3. Yeah, and actually my count was wrong. There are 35 per box. Wow. Not to mention the CAPSLOCKED exhortation, DO NOT GET PREGNANT. I mean, with all the hoops we have to jump through with ipledge, you'd think we'd get the picture by now, right? I guess not. Guess we're dumb! (Some people are, sadly) Thanks for responding, everyone! It's nice to know I'm not in a vacuum. Haha so true. In case the idiots don't get the hint from ipledge, here's a pregnant stick figure to scare the shit
  4. Yay! Congrats on starting your Accutane! I still have some time before i start on my course. Best of luck to you! I'll keep checking in on your log. btw, i'm glad i'm not the only one that laughed at the X'ed out pregnant women on the Accutane packaging haha.
  5. Acne: Severe Day 15 of pre-treatment to Accutane on 150 mg of Doryx/Epiduo gel. I'm noticing significant improvement in current acne shrinking in size. Most aren't so noticeable anymore.. especially the group of large acne in between my eyebrows. It was like a very bad party. The large nodular acne on the side of my face is continuing to reduce in size (yes!) but i can already tell it's going to leave a nasty post acne mark! Not excited for but at least i'll be able to touch that area of my
  6. Acne: Severe Day 13 of pre-Accutane treatment on 150 mg of Doryx/Epiduo gel. A few nights ago, I forgot to apply the Epiduo gel before bedtime. I woke up feeling like my whole face broke out over night. After this, I will never forget to apply Epiduo gel again. Other than that, i'm happy to say that the huge nodular pimple i've had has finally subsided and all that's left is a pretty gruesome post acne mark. (ughh) I haven't really posted any updates the past few days since things have been
  7. Yeah i heard about the Eucerin moisturizing cream. I've really been wanting to try it! There's nothing but good reviews on that product so it's worth a try. Haha i'm cheap with certain things. Like i'll get the Target brand version of aluminium foil or sometimes make-up remover toilettes. lol. I have fish oil capsules that i used to take daily months before i started taking Doryx/Epiduo. I took it for about 6 weeks or so.. not long enough to tell if it's actually been able to help. I might
  8. Preferably a cheapie drugstore foundation. Spf foundation would be a bonus. Thanks btw: My skin has been really dry & flaky if that helps.
  9. Acne: Severe Day 10 of pre-treatment to Accutane. 150 mg of Doryx a day, Epiduo gel before bedtime. Side-effects so far: Recently i've been getting random stomach pains & small headaches. My face is still flaking & itching like hell. Scalp still dry so i limit to washing hair once a day. Body is mildly dry. Lips are improving from obsessive use of 'Chapstick - Medicated' Today the plan is to relax at home & baby my skin. The cold weather here in VA is definitely not helping me
  10. @ Winter: I feel the same. When it's itching or i get those bursts of pains in the pimple, i feel like it's working. haha. It's to make myself feel better. Sleeping last night was terrible! The itching could not have been worse. It was almost like having chicken pox all over my face! lol What other creams have you stocked up on? I'm trying to build an arsenal of products pre-accutane. @ Audabby: Aww i couldn't be more excited either! Good luck on your Pre-accutane & accutane course too. I
  11. Hey! Thanks for posting on my log! I can relate! People always mistake me for being 16/17 even though i'm 20. I like knowing that when i really am older, i'll still look young but right now, it's pretty annoying! Good luck on starting Accutane in 30 days! I know the wait seems so long
  12. Aww thank you for the encouragement. I'm so glad that someone actually read my post. What dose are you on Accutane? I'll definitely try the Aveeno products then! They always smell so good to me haha. I've never tried head and shoulders but i agree, it does smell good. My husband used to use it. & about the itching.. oh yes. Same here! I just want to scratch my face off. It's so annoying but i'm sticking through this. 10 years of acne needs to diminish soon haha.