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  1. I'm really interested in how this goes! Will be checking up on it.
  2. Clearing up again - what a surprise! There is only one major active form of acne on my face, and that's just a cyst which is going away now...and there's also one inside my ear... I expect after they go away I will start AHA+ again (broke me out previously) to solve some major hyperpigmentation issues. So yeah. Try B5. Just do it. Right now. No kidding. Also AcneScript. That's good too.
  3. I was asking about how long they take after you come off accutane, which is this case was spot on. There was a bit of chat about cysteine earlier in this thread and it was interesting. I have not tried it fistly because it is expensive and secondly because there was nobody else who had tried it successfully on the forums. Now that you have claimed success, it might be a good idea for me to try it! Thanks! In other news my skin is improving.. just not drastically. at least I'm n
  4. The problem with me trying to do this is that after a few days I think to myself "why do I not masturbate, it feels so good!", then I get an unwanted erection and we all no what happens in the privacy of your own home . SO, I begin, and will try to have some self control this time. This is day one.
  5. I am taking B5 right now, 10 grams a day which I am happy with and should come into effect shortly. Thanks for the tip about the lips. I can wait that long. That was how long they took to get dry in the first place so 1 - 2 weeks makes sense. Thanks!
  6. WooHoo! Stopped taking accutane TODAY!!! Accutane cons: -Dry lips, something no quantity of lip balm could fix -Sore muscles, I work at a supermarket stacking shelves and that really suffered. -Anxiety and depression -Lack of concentration, trying to do exams at school made even harder. -Flaky skin, no amount of mouisturiser would help me. - Dry eyes, every time I walked outside my eyes would water and make it look like i'd bneen crying. -Sleep problems -Worse than B5 in every way If anybody c
  7. It's good I'm not the only one then *facepalm*.
  8. Its going alright. It has been a bit over three weeks and pretty much the same things happened as last time. I broke out around week two and now I am beginning to clear up again. Anticipating a break-out over the weekend as I had McDonalds on wednesday and my usual Maccas to breakout delay is 3 - 5 days (without fail), maybe the B5 will be able to help that a bit. Once again, anybody who feels nothing is working for them, I urge to use B5 or Vilantae, probably Vilantae to begin with as you
  9. There are so many times I have tried this out. I think I just need to prove to myself that I actually can go for that long. So, I'll start with you. Making today day 1 (I havent wanked today ) I am having some concerns over unwanted/inappropriate erections in class at school etc., without my daily release I feel I will be getting a lot more horny than usual. Have any experience with this? Also, I am on accutane, B5 and will be starting AcneScript soon so they all may intefere with results.
  10. So I started B5 again one week ago using some leftover Vilantae. This stuff did more for me in one month than Accutane has done in 5 months, without leaving me with muscle pains, extremely dry and embarrassing lips and sore eyes/bad eyesight. I am taking 10G a day again and will begin taking plain B5 (not Vilantae) in about a week. B5 is awesome and I urge anybody contemplating Accutane to try Vilantae (for the money back guarantee) for at least 3 months before they begin poisonous Accutane,
  11. Looks like I should join in and play along too Make this my day 2 I have tried this before but failed after a week or so, time to learn to distract myself from all the adolescent male urges, put a password on my internet filter that i can't remember
  12. Hello to all fellow Aussies. I'm sure many of you would have used supplies from this website, so I was wondering if anybody could give me a vague idea on how long it will take for supplies to arrive, using First Class Mail International. Thanks all.
  13. Hey all. Thought I should give a bit of an update. I Have been on Accutane for 3 months now and it has done practically shit all. This is relative to what the Vilantae did. Currently on 40mg/day, would like to be taking more but my dermatologist doesn't want me to for some reason. Hoping to get some more improvement soon, otherwise I guess I will be going back to Vilantae.
  14. You haven't told us how much you are using or if you are using moisturizer etc. Try being a bit more informative.
  15. Heyy. Thanks for asking! Its been going pretty well, I'm on 20mg per day at the moment. I'm not totally sure but I think my skin has been clearing up. Side effects aren't to bad yet, I've got the dry lips (but thats a given), dry skin and some of my hair is shedding faster than usual. I think I combatted the Accutane initial breakout because I had already has an IB on Vilantae so there was no issue there. I'll keep you posted.