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  1. Oxy tends to be irritating, but stridex is more gentle. Ive used the one with out alcohol for sensitive skin and I like them. If you really want to try oxy, I suggest you try the one in the blue or green containers because the red one is way to harsh.
  2. Wow, this has some possibilities. Right now, Like i mentioned before, Im using the clearasil products and I havent had a breakout for a little over a week I've just been using the SA products and I find that not only are my scars going away, but when I do get a pimple, it no longer scars. Xorcist, I used to do almost the same treatment with the neutrogena multi vitamins and the night time clear pore treatment. THe nighttime treatment works really well, and that is one product that I think yo
  3. Yep, You guys and gals arent alone. I tend to dodge lots of activities because of the face. Its really sad though because of the time spent in worrying about my face.
  4. I once had a huge one on the side of my nose . Because it was right at the corner of my nose, it looked like one of my nostrils was flared while the other one wastnt. I remember going to school and my friend asking me how to flare only one nostil. I was mortified .
  5. Thanx pals. It seems like everytime I get a pimple, no matter how small it is, I constantly find myself looking at it all day long. I even wake up during the night to go check it and make sure that its gone . Yes, an overly obsessed. I also get scar amnesia, because when I pick at the bumps, I forget about the possibility of scars like an idiot! Im working on it though. How did you guys stop picking???????
  6. Ok Pika, here is my suggestion. Since Valentines day is coming up I think you should be her mystery man . From now until the big day of love you can send her notes, and poems and clues (whatever you want). Since the two of you are soooo close, she will either guess that it is you or, she may say something like "Pika, someone is sending me love notes, but I have no idea who they are, do you?" It may sound corny, but it gets your point across. Now, this gives you a month to decide whether
  7. I wash my hands lolo . Sometimes, when people are around and I want to look in the mirror, just to make sure nothing has grown on my face, but I get scared of what the people with clear skin next to me are going to think. I dont know why, but I do . OR if someone is in the stall and I get out first I take my quick glimpse into the mirror while washing my hands and then make a swift exit.
  8. "You don't like it dont look " LOL. I kinda like this idea as well. I like what Im doing so far and its keeping me clear so I will just tell you the products. Clearasil 5 in 1 cleanser/ moisturizer and clearasil skin perfecting cream. They are both gentle when used correctly. I like your idea Xorcist. I have a recommendation though: If you are to create a combo regimen, I think you should have different variations of it. What may work for someone with sensitive skin, may be to gentle for
  9. I used the acne cream a couple of years ago. Its the one that is in a little pot with a black top right? Well if thats what you are talking about I loved that stuff. I would get a bump and I could seriously see an improvement my the end of the day. I think the only reason I stopped using it was because i ran out.
  10. People can be jerks. I usually lock up my feelings too, but I have learned that by not saying anything, you have this rage that builds up and suddenly you go off on people for the smallest reasons. You dont want to do that. Instead of ignoring comments that are hurtful I started telling people "That was hurtful and unessesary ." I know it sounds corny, but it makes me feel better for saying something and people will usually apologize. If all else fails you can always go with adams advice
  11. Because you guys are so close it could be possible that she isnt with you because she appreciates you as a friend . Sometimes people dont want to ruin friendships with dating. Have you EVER told her how you feel about her? She may not even know how you feel .
  12. Thanx Joe . I think I will take your advice and scratch my eyes out (lol)
  13. This has probably been discussed b4, but I just need a little support. I have become so obsessed with my face, that I overtreat every bump that appears on my face. I, unfortunately have a magnifying mirror that highlights all of my inperfections. I dont know why I look at the mirror because I know that I will start picking, but it has become a ritual. I know that the attack on my face will leave me with scars, but I do it anyway . What makes matters worse is the fact that my face would look
  14. hey buddy, Im reallyn sorry. Sometimes parents say mean or harsh things because the honestly feel that they are helping you even though they are hurting you. You could try writing her a letter and explaining how hurt she made you feel. Explain to her how hard it is for you and although she may have experienced tough times, she needs let you feel what you feel. She should also respect you as a human bing and not belittle you by disregaring your feelings. Heck, I dont even know you and it is