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  1. electthedead01

    Teen Acne And Vitamins?

    the pills your taking right now are good, however probably the most beneficial ones for acne youre missing are fish oil, and zinc. Ive also heard saw palmetto and niacin help alot too, for some people.
  2. Hey guys I was just wondering, Ive been waking up with about 5 tiny whiteheads in the same area on the left and right side of my chin for the past 2 months or so. -____________- I pop them each individually but and after every pop clear liquid oozes out from each one, i pat down each spot where its oozing with a piece of tissue paper, but I noticed that each pimple will continue oozing clear liquid for about 30 minutes, and every minute I have to go back and wipe the clear liquid away until
  3. electthedead01

    Saw Palmetto Before And After Masterbating/sex?

    buying saw palmetto tommarow will post results within the next week
  4. electthedead01

    Is There A Protein Shake That Does Not Cause Acne?

    Eat avocados, that's what I did to gain weight, I was eating 3 a day at one time lol but they are a lil expensive, still though, I eat 2 a day now. And they super healthy for you too, without containing a lot of omega 6s
  5. electthedead01

    Saw Palmetto Before And After Masterbating/sex?

    @Binga, maybe yea, its not that expensive, and they should last me a long time if I'm only taking them a couple days a week, but that's if my plan even works lol @tritonxiv Will do!
  6. electthedead01

    Saw Palmetto Before And After Masterbating/sex?

    Thanks for the reply! And as far as diet, i would say my diet it in tip top shape aha, I workout 2-3 times a week trying to build muscle, so i eat almost nothing but fruits, chicken, turkey, TONS OF AVOCADOS, and brown rice. i will try this, probably gonna go buy some tommarow, come home, take a regular dosage, "do my thing", take another right after, and then see if i breakout 4 days later as usual, based on those results, ill see what i do next
  7. hello everybody! i havent been on this site for a while haha. But anyways, I have a question regarding masterbation/sex and acne. I know 100% that masterbating causes me to break out. IT HAPPENS EVERY TIME. usually 4 days later. So i have to force myself never to look at porn or anything sexual, and it sucks because Im 18, usually people that are 18 have all kinds of sex. But here i am forcing myself not too. And it sucks. SO HERES MY REAL QUESTION. I know that the main thing th
  8. electthedead01

    Should I Stop Using Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash?

    Thanks for the replies you guys. i think ive come to a verdict, right now my face is clearing again probably due to the fact that i started my "super healthy" diet again. so once i get 90% clear, i will switch to cetaphil. sounds like a plan thats if i even get 90% clear.
  9. Hey guys I was wondering if I should switch from neutrogenas oil free pink grapefuit salacylic acid acne fash wash to the cetaphil oily to normal skin face wash? I got clear off of neutrogenas product about a year ago and have been using it for almost 2 and a half years already. I stay about 70% clear with it but I am never 100% clear. I eat a very good diet and lifestlye as well. So should I switch to cetaphils more gentler cleanser? What do YOU use to wash your face with??? Please
  10. electthedead01

    Too Much Weight Lost On Acne Diet

    Im trying to gain weight as well. Eat lots of avocados if you can afford them! i eat one whole everyday and am making pretty good gains. However i would eat 2 everyday if i could afford it. Also try almond butter, the natural kind. 2tbls is 200 calories easy. But dont eat it everyday because the omega 6's might stack up and cause breakouts. To counter this try taking a fish oil supplement to add omega 3s. Hope this helps!
  11. electthedead01

    Can Exercise Help Acne?

    Lifting weights breaks me out
  12. electthedead01

    Apple Cider Vinegar!

    I drank 2 tbsp ACV with 8oz water for about a month. I saw some improvement, not a lot though. And I never tried appying it topically so idk.
  13. electthedead01

    What Did You Eat Today?

    A huge salad with spinach, tuna, mixed cabbage, mustard, and some brown rice.
  14. electthedead01

    Scared To Eat Certain Foods

    Sweet potatoes are amazing! And brown rice doesn't affect me at all. But yea eat up on sweet potatoes! They're filled with vitamin A.