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  1. Okay So i get oily skin, normally on my forhead and on my nose, i stopped moisturing i dunno why , and now my skin looks red and dry which sucks, so do i moisturize? becasue i think if i moisturize and on top i have oily skin i feel like im gnna break out more ? and if i do start to moisturize do i avoid my nose and forhead ? becasue i dont feel to moisturize my forhead cause i dont really go red and flaky there on my cheeks ? thanks
  2. Oki Guys, Iv Had This Thing At The Edges Of My Mouth Both Sides For A Long Time Now! I Think it started of with my skin being dry a the side of my mouth that it got bad and left like a wound, it healede up bu left dark marks around the edge of my mouth, it looks really embaraasing cuz im fairly light and these dark pathes at the side of my mouth, its not hugly bigg, its ok big enought to see it and notice it and does not look well on my light skin, doctor said i had to moisturise it i did, but i
  3. ohh dear postedd it in the wrong section hahaha silly me
  4. People Are All The Same, We Only Get Judged By What We Do, Personality Reflects Name!And Im Im Ugly Then So Are You! Cheer Up Dude, I Know How YOu Feel, I Feel The Same, Im A Male, I'v Got Mild Acne Red Spotts Left Alot Never Seems To Go Away! I Feel Ugly And KNow Im Ugly But Hey Theres More To Life.
  5. for my post inflammatory hyperpigmentation im thinking to use either oxy face was of face scrub, good idea ? which recommended ? http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B001ICU8QA/ref=...ASIN=B001ICU8QA http://www.amazon.co.uk/OXY-Daily-Face-Was...pd_sim_beauty_1
  6. After my mild acne it left red marks post inflamotory hypigmintation, red stubborn marks some turning darker, doxtors gave me tetralsyal 300 lymecycline 480 been on it 4 bout 2 weeks now, doctors said give it a month, isit right for red marks ? n darker ones ? isit right for the post inflamatory hypigmintation ? and she didt tell me 2 take the pill in empty stomach ? help please thanks
  7. Ok guys, im plannin to go to the doctors today about my red marks, i have mild a little bit mor than mild red spots after my mild acne. anybody know what the doctors would advice about my red spots ? lioke medicines ? or gel or face wash etc ? quick reply would help plz guys
  8. same problem for m, red marks left after aqcne, quick question, isit ok to us face scrub a gentle one to clean your face ?
  9. i,m not sure if i have acne or not, but i did us dans BP n now its lik i have red dots and som dark spots, from it do i kep using bp ? or stop ? it dnt look like acne just red litl dots help please dnt ignore me plz
  10. i ment to say it gets better, but hoping iy does not get worst
  11. some people tell me facescrub is good to get rid of spots, i have mild acne, and im hoping it stays that way, but some tell me dont use face scrub it irritates n causes more breakouts ?
  12. Renado


    Hey guys i tend to have very oily skin, especislly on my forhead and nose the oiliest and the greasiest, any suggestion how to get rid of this ? and help ?
  13. PEOPLE YOU NEED TO READ THIS. ASAP http://www.highonhealth.org/do-not-use-ben...reat-your-acne/
  14. i know occuring redness and drying is normal side effect but face stiffing that it feels uncomfortable to move your mouth is that normal ?