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  1. Is this it? YES! Thank you very much
  2. Hi, I'm not sure who to ask this to. But in 2010 I started the Regimen and kept a very thorough detailed log/personal post about my battle with acne. I came back here to find it and show it to a friend and it seems to be gone... I realize it was a long time ago but that log was my support through the process of becoming acne-free, so I hope I can find it again. Any admins know where it went? It was under this name, Sweetsleep. Thanks...
  3. Hi lovebug77. Sorry I don't log on here often so sometimes I miss messages. 12 weeks is only 3 months and it took me 6 months of being on the Regimen before I got no acne at all. OF course everyone is different but if the treatment is helping you now and you're not having any bad reactions, then it'll keep helping so keep using it! When I first started, I got really flaky skin and almost seemed to get more little acne, but that cleared up within 8 weeks. I would still get breakouts, but in 6 m
  4. September 7, 2012 Another update since again, I logged in to buy more of Dan's products. Exactly the same as last time! My skin is perfect using Dan's products (cleanser, treatment, AHA) and the regimen. I wash my face and do the regimen twice a day, on the whole I spend less time in front of the mirror than I ever did because I have no acne to stare at! My skin is beautiful and exfoliated. See my signature for exactly what I do. Good luck to everyone out there! I started Dan's Regimen in Jan
  5. Hi, I've used the regimen for over 2 years now. The Regimen is exactly what the name suggest, it's a regimen. It's a routine thing that you do everyday FOREVER. Hehe, but don't let that scare you and no ceminay, you don't spend half your life in front of a mirror. Before using the regimen I was washing my face twice a day anyway, it's the same thing. I wash with Dan's cleanser cause it's gentle and cheap and you don't need much. Then apply the treatment (I only need one pump in the morning and o
  6. November 11, 2011 Ok, thought I would update here because I logged in to buy more of Dan's products (I use his BP Treatment, Cleanser, and AHA). My skin is perfect by the way. I am still doing the regimen twice a day once when I wake up and once before bed. I use 1-2 pumps of cleanser in the shower, then pat dry. I use 1 pump of BP in the morning and 1 pump at night, spread gently on my face and allow to absorb for 10-20 mins. I then use a combination of LacHydrin 5 moisturizer and AHA to mo
  7. Hey there! sounds like you've got it figure out for what works! I had the same issue as you, adult female acne. I never had acne in highscool or college, but it got suddenly worse in my early 20's. Not sure if it was birth control screwed up my hormones or what. I had cyctic/moderate acne on my cheeks and they would get huge and leave scars forever. So I sympathize with you. When I found this site, it was so encouraging! Dan's Regimen has got me all clear and confident Good luck with everythi
  8. Everyone is different. I had acne on my face, mainly forehead, cheeks, and chin and have been doing the regimen for over a year now. My skin is completely cleared up. It took about 6 months for it to clear up completely, the first 3 months it almost seemed worse, like my skin was going through adjustment and I had more tiny embarassing breakouts with whiteheads. I was doing the Regimen twice a day with Dan's products and I wanted to quit several times. But it worked! It's great being clear. I a
  9. August 3, 2010 Yes, it's been quite a long while since I updated my journal. But that is because things are going so well!! I have gotten so clear and my skin is so lovely. I am doing Dan's Regimen 2 times a day: when I wake and when I sleep. I still use the jojoba oil and lac hydrin 5 moisturizer as well as Dan's cleanser, treatment and AHA. I am very very gentle on my face and allow for 20 mins or more of letting the BP treatment dry on my face before moisturizing. Once in a while due to st
  10. Sorry I didn't get back to you. Lasers remove any hair which is dark. It works by targeting the hair and sending a pulse down through the hair to the root where it kills the follicles. The hair with then die and slowly work it's way out of your skin over the next week. Do no tweeze, wax or pluck the areas to be treated for at least 6 weeks prior to treatment. You can shave or use a trimmer. It will take at least 3-4 treatments to kill each hair follicle because that's how many "hairs" regener
  11. sorry, took a while to respond. =S

    I am actually not using the BP anymore. I have cleared up and only a few pigmentation left due to the BP.. So right now, I only use the AHA at night, and it works great :) How about you?

  12. April 12th 2010 I can't believe it's mid-April already.... ! I have been on the Regimen since January 1st and my face looks nice. Still a couple of scars but they are fading. I tried to exfoliate all the dead skin on my face with a soft washcloth and promptly ended up with one small breakout near my mouth which has been there for days just hurting. Can't see it too much but it's there- a little bump which hurts a bit when I touch it. I hope it doesn't leave another scar and goes away soon. The
  13. Hey :) How is your regimen going?

  14. April 1st 2010 HAPPY APRIL FOOLS! I'm so happy, I have no new breakouts, well a tiny one near my ear but nothing huge and scary. My skin has been clear for about 2 weeks now. However this scar on my cheek is taking a really long time to heal. Normally would heal in a week but it's taking ages now ... I'm a bit worried it won't go away before my big date but I hope it does. I have a big date lined up for 3 weeks from now, haha. Also once I finished Dan's BP in a tube, I started using the bott
  15. thanks Leakt March 26th 2010 So I dont have any new pimples. Just old red marks from old ones. I really hope it stays that way. Also it's "that time of month" so usually around this time I get new pimples. I hope no more will show up... Will update again soon. Hopefully with pics.