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  1. Dest, I'm so sorry that you aren't doing well at the moment. Hopefully the pill will help. I'm not sure if I have hormonal acne or not, probably, but the baby brush has really worked for me and reduced the amount of clog pores I have. Currently, I have a few redmarks especially on my chin from picking clogged pores. I am having a big birthday party at my house tomorrow, so I wanted to look really nice for it. I think this stress allowed me to just start picking at myself and now I have 6 o
  2. Well I really have nothing to complain about right now.. but I will anyway! OKay so since I stopped using the jergens, my face has really cleared up. I am now using that Sally Hansen spray face tan stuff that has retinol in it and I am basically clear. I have some redmarks still that are fading. On my chin I have some of those tiny little clogged pores, the kind that if you squeeze out comes that little stringy stuff. Well that's no big deal because they are tiny and are removable. The r
  3. Well I've been pretty bad with picking/popping this last week. I went to class today trying to be all brave, and one of my friends that I was sitting particularily close to kept looking at the bad area on my cheek when she would talk to me. I left after my 1st class and decided to skip my 2nd since I wouldn't really miss anything. I really need to get a hold of this. I am a very social person, and hate hiding. I came home and popped the final inflamed spot on my face, and then iced down my
  4. Thank you CD-R, that was very encouraging. Well here is the progress for today. I popped one of those whiteheads on my cheek last night. SO now I have 4 redmarks fading, 2 or which are small scabs, and then 2 clogged pores that will someday this week turn into whiteheads around the middle of my left cheek. However, the good news, and hopefully it stays this way, is that I don't see anything else coming, so as long as I keep this up then it should clear up by the end of this week or early nex
  5. Gosh I look so awful right now. I have those two huge redmarks healing, then another inflamed redmark healing near my lips, then on my cheek about 3 clogged pores that are redish and will probably be whiteheads by next week. And even with makeup it looks horrible. And then the rest of my face is clear. I have to go to work in about 30 minutes and just feel so depressed. The whole time at work I have to be around people too so that sucks. I don't know what the heck is happening, to get such
  6. My face is so red right now and it's extremely depressing. I have two very big red marks that are flat and hopefully healing on my left cheek, a popped pimple healing on my lower left cheek and two under the skin, small at the moment bumps, that I'm sure in this upcoming week will turn into pimples. On my right cheek I am completely clear. I am thinking, this might all be brought on by the self-tanner. So I am going back to just doing the baby brush every other day, and moisturizing with c
  7. Just to update: Things aren't so good right now. I'm not sure what I posted last but I will just say what's going on now. So I had that one small pimple on my left cheek that was giving me a little pain, so Monday I decided to destroy it, and the plan backfired because it wasn't ready and since then have had a really huge red mark. I also did a similar thing to a small clogged pore on my upper cheek. My left cheek is very red at the moment, and the rest of my face is clear. I am in grad
  8. So Monday, after I wrote in this blog and went home from work... I just couldn't wait to pop these 2 on my left side, thinking of course that it would be an easy job. I felt some pressure coming from that side, which was probably mostly in my mind. So the one on my jaw came out easily as a whitehead and has since healed, but I basically devoured my face over the one on my left cheek. It wasn't quite ready but I still felt pressure and wanted it gone- so I kept picking and trying to squeeze ev
  9. OKAY- Well I have been perfectly clear for a little bit now with the excpetion of a few clogged pores that no one can see. However this weekend I had a little bit of a breakout. I had two small clogged pores come out on my cheeks, and then on my left cheek now I have 1 small pimple that is trying to form a whitehead that I just have to wait out, and a larger papule? that dosen't hurt at all under my jaw. I am thinking that 1. I have not been cleaning my mkeup brushes pretty much at all lat
  10. Just checking in... I am clear right now with the exception of a few clogged pores that are tiny- at least at the moment, in addition to a small red mark. Life is good- so I hope it keeps going to way. I have also been scrubbing my back with a brush and it's clearing up as well. Maybe my key was exfoliaion after all!
  11. Dest- I'm so sorry that things aren't working out for you right now. What are you using on your face again? Do you ever exfoliate? And what kind of skin do you have? For a little while now i have been doing the baby brush method and it is working out so well. My skin is becomming so smooth and clear. I wonder if you would be interested in trying that. The point is to get the dead skin away before it clogs your pores. I also have been using that Jergen's and after 2 nights- my face and bo
  12. So, I have had a few clogged pores come up over the days. I am a little upset with myself becuase I just spent a little time in the bathroom getting a bunch of them out- but the good news is I didn't do any damage that won't be gone tomorrow. I did successfully get some clogged pores out, which is good. I do feel slightly bad that I got them out- but I mean it was in a "healthy" way with tissues wrapped around my fingers. I still obvioudly have some left, but they are hard to see. I am go
  13. Well I mean I don't think it treats already formed whiteheads, but it prevents your pores from ever clogging by getting the dead/dry skin away from your pores.
  14. Haha yes, I guess it would. I guess I meant that the pores are open and when you extract them it is that small stringy stuff, so it dosen't seem as though they will turn into big whiteheads or anything. Thanks for the reality check.
  15. I have been doing the BBM for about oh, a month and half or maybe a little less or more. I have clogged pores that usually turn into small whiteheads, but occasionally become larger whiteheads. Right now I just have a couple clogged pores. It seems as though when I do the baby brush method more often, my skin gets better. When I do it once a week it seems to have little effect and I still breakout, but everytime I do it every other day or twice a week, my skin seems to get better. I have d