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  1. it may be the fish i always break out from unagi, japanese eel like fish loaded with iodine i think i ALWAYS get a few cysts the next morning even if i use benzoyl peroxide i avoid it like the plague
  2. Acne has made me suicidal in the past Acne has made me extremely depressed and anxious Acne has made me hate myself Acne has made me envy and hate those around me with clear skin, even my family members Acne has made me do a lot of crazy things, like starving myself and megadosing on Vitamin A Having acne has been the hardest time of my life Acne has made me numb, apathetic, indifferent
  3. i know what you mean my parents and relatives didn't have acne yet im the only one i blame it on my shitty diet and the fact that im often stressed
  4. ok im on day 4 of isotretinoin, claravis, 40 mg a day i weigh 140 - 145 the only side effects ive been noticing are dizziness, sensitivity to sunlight so when will i start to experience dry skin? my skin is still oozing out sebum 24 7
  5. honestly, in all my life, i have never seen an obese person with acne most are skinny/normal weight why is this? is it because the "fat" is exiting out of their pores, thus oily skin and they never put on fat so they're always skinny?
  6. i read somewhere that scientists have only found a correlation with skim milk and exacerbation of acne but not with whole milk why is this?