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  1. I love your username hahaha so random :]

    1. Try working on the parts of the regimen that require bp without a shirt, then put it on after your all finished.
    2. Hey guys, i have been using dans regimen for maybe 2 weeks now i really don't remember but no way longer than a month. I think that i have seen results with my acne so I want to continue using it. I have one question though, at first my skin was red and kinda hurt but that faded away, only now it is like super flaky. Although this really doesn't bother me I work in a restaurent and literally got kicked out a couple days ago because it looked like my skin was dry and flaky but it was really just
    3. Ok thanks, but could i still get the same results with a diffrent moisterizer, any suddgestions on mild moisterizers i could subsitute withs dans's regimen?
    4. Hey ive been on the regimin about a week, it seems to be going fine but ive notices my skin doesnt get red untill after i put on the moisterizer, even if i wait 20+ minutes in between, any feedback or helpful information. And thanks agian as always i really appreciate any help and responses.
    5. oh alright, well good luck you could always try accutane, i tried it and didnt like it though
    6. I would try Dan's regiment before anything else for now, i just started it like 5 or 6 days ago but i have a good feeling about it. Just make sure to try to follow the instructions as well as possible...
    7. Do i have to take 2 showers a day because i do the regiment at night and in the morning, can i just take 1 in the middle of the day to reduce overwashing? btw i have sensitive skin. Thanks for any help i really appreciate it
    8. Okay, so right now i have a big whitehead that is leading puss and just sitting on my chin, i really didint want to pop it so i just "soaked up" the puss with a paper towel and then "seal" it with just a dab of dans moisterizer. What do you guys think i should do when a pimple leaks, let it dry, apply pressure to drain it completely, i am at a loss of what is the right thing.
    9. oh thank you very much ive still been looking and couldnt find anything, alright im gonna go do this
    10. Hey guys, thanks in advance im glad to of discovered this website. I recently purchased the kit from acne.org with the treatment cleanser and moisturizer. I'm sure i havn't looked hard enough, but i was wondering how long i should wait after applying the treatment to apply the moisterizer; time is not an issue i wan't to wait the proper amount of time. Also, im going to start with a small amount of treatment as too condition my skin to the BP. Does that mean i should use an amount of moisterize